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Transparency & Candor: Meet Three New Supply Chain Leaders Up Close

David Packman, Senior Content Manager

Published Date
April 17, 2024



Like many companies, Stord recently completed its annual performance review cycle for all employees, with a number of team members earning promotions. Unlike many companies however, we are writing a blog post about it…but why?

Well, Stord has six core values (which you can see here), and one of them is Transparency and Candor

This shows up internally as a collaborative work environment for sharing feedback and opinions. For customers, it shows up in our dedication to communicating honestly and providing complete supply chain transparency via our software systems to drive improved operational performance. 

And now, for the broader audience, this value manifests in a transparent discussion of our performance review practices and the broader programs Stord has enacted to grow our employees.

Stord had numerous individuals earn promotions this year through their hard work. Some of these were internal mobility promotions, where employees moved into new functions and teams more aligned with their career aspirations. Other Stordians (as we call ourselves) were promoted within their existing function. And a number of individuals were promoted into leadership positions, as directors, department heads, site leaders, and VP/SVPs.

While everyone at Stord accomplished a lot in 2023, let’s take a moment to meet some of our leadership team, and explore what they have planned for 2024 and beyond!

Brian Lemerise - SVP of Fulfillment

Brian Lemerise came to Stord almost a year ago as our VP of Fulfillment, bringing his extensive experience working at ‘big box’ brands like JCPenney and TJX and scaling omni-channel 3PL organizations. In his time at Stord, he has helped the team fulfill 750 million units in 2023 and set us up to fulfill even more in 2024.

Question: What is your biggest fear / scariest memory from your time in fulfillment?

Brian: I have a recurring nightmare. I walk into the fulfillment center on Cyber Weekend – and no one is there! Just me, and thousands of orders to fulfill. Thankfully, this has never happened.

Question: What is the best way to manage an unexpected spike in demand?

Brian: Constant, year-round preparation. Remember that a fulfillment center is a dynamic environment, and any swing in demand can be wildly unpredictable and impactful to that environment. So you must cross-train your teams, constantly test your systems, and build contingency plans for both volume spikes and valleys; that’s critical. As we continually learn, a modern WMS designed to handle high volumes as well as business complexity can make the contingency planning process easier through automated workflows and intelligent inventory routing.  (Luckily we have one of those WMS here to manage our network of fulfillment centers!)

Question: What is your favorite book from your childhood?

Brian: “The Monster at the End of this Book!” It is from my early childhood while I was learning to read…the dramatic reading was real!

Paola Jacobs, VP of People

For over two years, Paola Jacobs has focused on the people at Stord with the same attention to detail and care that Stord provides for each and every package we deliver. She has spent considerable time developing the programs that led to all the career advancement discussed earlier, and ensured Stord is committed to internal mobility and employee growth.

Question: What are some of the initiatives you are most excited to work towards in your new role?

Paola: We have a mantra, “More in ‘24,” and while I can’t speak about everything, there are so many exciting People programs coming. Growing@Stord is one of my favorites that we just launched. Growing@Stord is our internal mobility program where we celebrate promotions and new roles across the entire Stord team, and also highlight internal opportunities.

We also launched the Culture Club, a collaborative monthly meeting of volunteers across Stord. I look forward to hearing from different parts of the business about why they love Stord and what we should do next to benefit the growing number of Stordians as OneStordTeam.

Question: What is the best advice you have received in your career that got you to this point?

Paola: “It’s all about the people.” Personal connection has always been hugely important to me. I was born in Argentina and raised in a Latin household, so I have always been powered by deep family relationships, and amazing friendships from childhood and the University of Texas. I’ve also been lucky to have had inspiring leaders like Pablo Zuccarino and Sara Feulner who have enabled me to evolve as a people leader. I am humbled to be able to continue evolving alongside Stord and grateful to Steve Swan (our COO) for his unwavering support.

Question: What is your favorite dessert?

Paola: Anything with Nutella. Strawberries or bananas. Baked into cookies. In a crepe. On top of ice cream…or just eat it with a spoon!

Craig Stewart, VP of Product

Back in December of 2020, Craig Stewart joined Stord as our Head of Data and Integrations. He quickly drove immense value moving into the Head of Special Projects, then Head of Product for our Warehouse Management System, and now our VP of Product. He knows our customers and our systems deeply, and cares for them even more.

Question: What was your most recent “eureka” moment while working on Stord’s products?

Craig: Stepping into the VP role and working more closely with the broader R&D team, I realized how compelling our software can be when it comes together. 

We talk a lot about “OneStord Team,” that everyone drives value for our customers, that everyone evangelizes Stord, that everyone is on, well, one team…but I think that same approach applies especially well to our software. 

Imagine a scaling DTC business with no ERP, no visibility into its fulfillment and a load of spreadsheets to juggle; our 2024 features like rich Financial Visibility, Inventory Planning, Consumer Experience, and more, can really help it scale and operate its business effectively.

Then, when they grow, we have even more functionality for them, like powerful order management and inventory management, our WMS, Stord One Warehouse, or even our fulfillment services. That’s the power of our OneStord Team.

Question: In five years, what features do you hope will be available?

Craig: Honestly, in five years time, there will be too many to even mention, but I think the thing I am most excited about is our vision.

If you think about Salesforce, what makes it so successful is its extensibility. You can do almost anything on its platform with your CRM data. And most of it is powered by a broad ecosystem of partners and apps, not all of them owned by Salesforce. 

That’s the future of Stord. A one-stop shop for anything supply chain data related.

Question: If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Craig: That’s tough. Probably super-speed as it is extremely practical. You can get your work completed and enjoy the rest of your day. Or you can clean your house in a Flash…hmm I sound rather boring.

The point is, you can get loads done, and you can also choose to slow down and take things at a normal pace when you like. Maximum efficiency and ability to enjoy life completely.

With nearly a third of the year in our rearview mirror, we look forward to what everyone at Stord accomplishes and can’t wait to see how many people grow into new roles by 2025.  And if you’d like to join the OneStord Team, check out the new roles we’re looking to fill.

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