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How Snackpass Drives Warehouse Efficiency [Video]

David Packman, Senior Content Manager

Published Date
November 9, 2023



Is your warehouse running at peak efficiency?  Is your warehouse management system (WMS) driving productivity gains for your operations – or impeding it?  And do you have easily accessible, real-time visibility across all your inventory to make the right decisions?

Having a single, reliable source of truth for your inventory may seem like a simple and obvious concept, but the reality is that very few brands have achieved this. Even fewer have a system that not only provides accurate information but also enhances the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Instead, most brands have separate inventory pools for B2B, DTC, and other marketplaces, resulting in discrepancies, confusion, and frustratingly delayed orders. To make matters worse, the reliance on manual processes and paper reports further diminishes visibility and accuracy.

Snackpass, a rapidly growing restaurant kiosk and all-in-one operating system, partnered with Stord to help keep up with its demand while modernizing its process through our warehouse management system, Stord One Warehouse

In the above video, Nigel Reid, the operations manager for warehousing and distribution at Snackpass, details how Stord provides complete visibility and inventory accuracy for the brand, along with boosting its efficiency and improving SLAs to its customers . Since depoying Stord One Warehouse, Snackpass has seen a 30% decrease in the time it takes to pick and pack its orders.

If you're eager to enhance your warehouse operations efficiency and inventory accuracy, we invite you to schedule a chat with our supply chain experts. Discover how Stord One Warehouse can streamline your operations and provide unparalleled visibility into your inventory. Click here to get started on your journey towards optimized warehouse management.

Transcript - WMS Success Story

Stord One Warehouse allows us to integrate everything, which has been a game changer for us.

Hi. My name is Nigel Reed, I'm the operations manager for warehousing and distribution for Snackpass. Snackpass is a hardware and software company for quick service restaurants - really focusing on friends meets food.

Now that we have Stord, being able to house all of our inventory, being able to receive whenever we get a shipment in, being able to go in and create the kits and knowing that it's reliable and that those kits are gonna translate across each warehouse - it makes our inventory very accurate and we're very reliant on that information that’s coming from Stord. 

Stord really helped us to boost our efficiency by getting our orders out quickly. We’ve had a thirty percent decrease in the amount of time it takes to pick our orders.

Our SLA when we started with Stord was 48 hours, and the next quarter we should be reducing that down to 24 hours, which is a fifty percent reduction, which is great. 

We just had a chain that we signed, not too long ago, that wanted to start out with a consistent ten stores. Normally, that would have taken us a couple of weeks in a manual process to go. We were actually able to get all of those orders for ten stores, consisting of multiple kiosks, registers, multiple printers, and we were able to get those orders out within one week.

Prior to using Stord, we were using the very manual process. Everything was on paper, it was handwritten with clipboards.

Then, we tried to use more of an upgraded model using iPads and scanners, which was helping out a little bit. We integrated with Stord, and we were able to get down to using handheld computers or handheld scanners. 

Because of the Stord mobile integration, all of the information is very easily laid out. 

As we continue to grow and as we continue to open up more warehouses around the country, we wanna see us grow with Stord, which has been a great partner and have that cookie cutter warehouse and software system that can be easily trained to any employee on any level. 

We would really recommend it to anyone looking for a WMS system to integrate both into a small warehouse or large warehouse, shipping freight, or shipping parcel.

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