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Athletic Greens Selects Stord as Fulfillment Partner to Power Accelerated Growth Trajectory

Stord’s best-in-class, omnichannel fulfillment and last-mile services, coupled with its OMS technology, will help Athletic Greens deliver an exceptional customer experience as it continues scaling.

New York, NY and Atlanta, GA, October 4, 2023 – Stord, a leader in high-volume fulfillment services and technology for omnichannel mid-market and enterprise brands, announced its partnership today with Athletic Greens, the global health company behind the daily foundational nutrition supplement AG1.

The partnership includes a multi-facility, nationwide fulfillment footprint, equipped with automation, robotics, and Stord’s proprietary inventory and order management software (OMS), to best serve Athletic Greens and its customers as the company grows.

With Stord, Athletic Greens is able to consolidate partnerships across 3PL fulfillment, last-mile delivery, and software providers, enabling the company to scale capabilities and continue to deliver a best-in-class customer experience. Athletic Greens now leverages Stord One Commerce OMS software to connect all of its sales channels and orders in one place, orchestrate and manage all inventory and shipments, and automatically optimize each order and individual parcel decision.

The health company also embraces the power of Stord Parcel, an advanced last-mile delivery solution. Stord Parcel offers an array of carriers, and intelligently selects the optimal carrier and service level for every package, ensuring enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness in meeting customer expectations.

In addition, Athletic Greens now fulfills orders through Stord's nationwide network of fulfillment centers. These facilities, powered by proprietary Stord One Warehouse WMS software, drive efficiency and productivity for high-growth, omnichannel customers.

“We’re excited to find a partner that can not only keep up with our business as we grow, but stay two steps ahead,” said Joseph Littlefield, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Athletic Greens. “Our ultimate measure of success is an amazing experience for our AG1 subscribers, and Stord can help us consistently deliver that.”

"With our comprehensive, all-in-one solution that seamlessly connects Athletic Greens’ entire supply chain, Athletic Greens can fully concentrate on delivering exceptional products and services to its valued customers,” said Sean Henry, Co-founder and CEO of Stord. “Our goal is to provide unwavering support and empower Athletic Greens as it navigates this important period of expansion, ensuring it has the technology solutions and logistics capabilities to exceed customer expectations."

About Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a global health company with a mission to empower people to take ownership of their health through a focus on nutrition. The company’s flagship product, AG1, is a daily foundational nutrition supplement that supports whole body health. It’s a simple and effective way to support your brain, gut, and immune system through a science-driven formulation of vitamins, whole food-sourced nutrients, and probiotics. AG1 is NSF Certified for Sport, a standard sought by many professional athletes and one of the most rigorous certification programs in the supplement industry, and made in TGA-registered facilities. Founded in 2010, Athletic Greens is a globally remote company with operations spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. Learn more at

About Stord

Stord is a leading provider of omnichannel fulfillment services and technology—including fulfillment, warehousing, and transportation, complemented by OMS and WMS software—for high-volume mid-market and enterprise brands. Stord's mission is to make brands' supply chains their competitive advantage.

With Stord, brands are able to sell more, save money, and reduce headaches: fast shipping, reliable delivery promises, and access to more channels drive revenue growth; our economy of scale and software optimize the cost of every order; and our end-to-end solution keeps teams streamlined and focused on building their businesses and boosting customer satisfaction.

Leading DTC and B2B companies like AG1, Native, Tula, American Giant, and Thrasio use Stord to make their supply chains a competitive advantage. Stord is headquartered in Atlanta and backed by leading investors including Kleiner Perkins, Franklin Templeton, Founders Fund, and Salesforce Ventures.

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