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Easily connect to all your disparate systems, from ERPs and warehouses to online marketplaces and retail partners.

Most DTC/B2B and omnichannel brands can benefit from Stord One’s powerful connectivity capabilities if they have any combination of multiple order channels, retail partners, fulfillment partners, warehouses and financial (ERP) systems.

Specifically, Stord customers realize:

  • Reduced costs to add new sales channels
  • Reduced costs to add new inventory locations
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Boosts in productivity
All Integrations & Connections

“Stord has really helped us to boost our efficiency by getting our orders out quickly. We've had a 30% decrease in the amount of time it takes to pick our orders.”

Nigel Reid | Operations Manager

In addition to having 100+ connections, we can integrate to other systems and applications via Stord One Commerce's API and EDI connectivity capabilities.
All Integrations & Connections