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Reduce your overall parcel spend and simplify carrier management. Leverage data-driven software optimization to make the most cost-effective parcel delivery method decisions. Combine that with experienced parcel carrier management and volume discounts.

Save up to 15-20%*
per package using Stord Parcel

With Stord Parcel, Your Brand Will:

Decrease parcel spend while hitting delivery timeframes
Boost customer satisfaction by meeting/exceeding customer delivery expectations
Benefit from competitive multiple carriers without the hassle and complexity of vendor negotiations or operational headaches
Consolidate parcel management with a single point of contact and rapid issue resolution
Improve delivery performance with improved click-to-deliver times
Gain visibility into all things parcel including detailed billing, tracking, delivery performance metrics, and spend

Automatically Ship on Cheaper Methods
and Still Meet Delivery Expectations

Unlike simple, standard carrier ‘rate shopping,’ Stord Parcel evaluates each package’s individual characteristics in real-time, and selects the most efficient and cost-effective service level and delivery provider that will meet the expected delivery date.


Identify shipping carriers and service levels that can handle specific shipment characteristics (size, geography, etc.)

Date Shopping

From there, identify shipping carriers and service levels that can handle delivery speed requirements and ‘Deliver by’ dates based on predictive modeling from historical performance

Rate Shopping

And from there, select the most price effective carrier and service level at the moment of label generation

Simplify Your Parcel Operations While Cutting
Costs and Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Relying on a single carrier is risky and can prove costly, with potential for service and cost disruption. But managing multiple carriers is hard. That’s why you need an experienced team. The Stord Parcel team lets you take advantage of competitive rates from a diverse array of carriers - all managed through a single partner.

Carrier Management

Rely on Stord to meet required service delivery levels

Competitive Parcel Rates

Benefit from Stord’s volume for significant parcel discounts

Speed Optimization

Cap transit speed at three days if needed, or optimize for cost if preferred (and even adjust seasonally)

Carrier Diversity

Access wide range of national and regional carriers for the best pricing and customer experience

Single Point of Contact

Simplify operations, freight audit and payment with one parcel partner

Single Point Issue Resolution

Avoid carrier delays with payment refund problems

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