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Retail Delivery Consolidation


Deliver your product to "big box" retailers easily with Stord by leveraging economies of scale and maximize supply chain efficiencies.

No matter where you're shipping, we have you covered. 

Stord’s nationwide program covers all major retailer distribution centers, whether Walmart, Costco, Target, or any other partner you may have.

Lower your costs while improving performance with your retail partners.

Delivering product to Walmart and other major retailers is a major challenge. There are stringent OTIF, packaging, and labeling requirements. With Stord, cost-effectively combine your shipments with others delivering to the same locations. And make delivering into retailers easier and more efficient.

By consolidating shipments in a retailer “pool program,” you can provide best in class performance, improve your retailer scorecard, supplier compliance and more.

Reduce Cost Up To


Increase delivery


On-Time In-Full

Backed by Stord’s extensive B2B transportation and fulfillment experience, you have experts to efficiently manage all the Walmart and other retailers delivery requirements.


“Stord’s retail consolidation program has saved us time and money in shipping to Walmart. With Stord, we don’t have to worry about the complexities of B2B shipping, and can confidently add new big box retail partners easily without risking additional headache.”

ANDY HARROW, President

How It Works

We hold your inventory in centralized locations and consolidate your shipments to every DC with others’ inventory, to drive powerful cost savings and peace of mind. These transportation savings are generated through consolidating deliveries with other shippers going to the same destinations.

Stord eliminates the risk, headache, and a lot of the cost! 


With Stord Retail Delivery Consolidation, you can offer pricing to your major retailer customers like Walmart that’s more economical than costly LTL or Collect/Prepaid methods.


Savings up to 30% with pool program vs traditional (LTL) methods, fixed per case pricing, and lower costs due to special permissions


Delivery to 100% of Walmart DCs (or other retailers) every week (via official Walmart pool number), and shorter leads times for faster replenishment


Best-in-class supplier performance (99% OTIF); reduced overages, shortages, and damages (OS&D); higher fill rates; and consistent scheduled shipments


Individually stamped and signed PODs within 72 hours


Improved supplier scorecards (large driver of future expansion) and eliminated fines from non-compliance


Participation in Walmart’s Green initiative

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