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We’re not in the game of being the cheapest option out there -
we’re here to do it right and be the last logistics partner you’ll ever need.

Why you're here.

If you’re considering Stord, chances are you’ve already dipped your toes in the water with other logistics providers. And now you’re here because your current partner(s) aren’t cutting it. Their solutions are built for the “average” business and yours is anything but “average.” Don’t worry, we hear this all the time. It’s been the starting point of almost all of our hundreds of customers’ journeys with Stord.

Your supply chain is the heart of your business. It’s how you connect with your customers. It dictates whether those customers turn into passionate promoters that purchase regularly or disappointed detractors that you’ll never see again and may even share a 1-star review on their way out.

We get it.

Saving money on your logistics is important. You need to run a responsible business, optimize your margins, and keep your team and shareholders happy. But we also know, from hundreds of customers and hundreds of years of collective experience in this industry, that there is nothing more costly and harmful for your business than falling short of customer and partner expectations. And the larger you grow, the more painful any failings become.

We are as customer obsessed as you are.

That’s why our approach at Stord is to do whatever it takes to get it right because we are as customer obsessed as you are. And yes, that means that you can probably find someone willing to do it cheaper. Or someone willing to give you a price on a website before knowing anything about your business or your needs.

The reality is that anyone willing to give you a price before they deeply understand your needs is giving you the one-size-fits-all solution. They don’t even know if it's going to work. They’re gambling with your business’ success and likely don’t care if you succeed or fail. This approach might work for some brands and it might be “good enough” to get by for a while, but there’s a reason why you’re here and why you’re reading this. You’re not in the business of gambling with your customer experience.

Here’s how we work.

We work with you to analyze your business and understand what goals you have for your supply chain. Our team of expert industrial engineers, data scientists, and operators show you detailed solution options that are customized specifically to your business and your needs. Other providers show you a box and tell you to fit your business into that box. Stord looks at your business and builds a box to fit your specific needs.

When we price our solutions, we look at every detail in the process and provide you with a price that fairly reflects your nuanced needs. When we present a solution, we price it such that we are certain that we will be able to deliver on our promises and that you will see the corresponding ROI and downstream outcomes that you came looking for.

So, yes, that means no standard list price on a webpage. That might be a turn-off for some, but it’s a price we’re willing to pay in order to ensure that the customers that we do take on succeed and never look back.

We’re in the game of providing the highest ROI and most value possible for our customers. We hope that’s what you’re looking for. If so, we’d love to chat, learn more about your business, and share more about how Stord can make your supply chain a competitive advantage.

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