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Leave your competition in the dust with the ability to orchestrate a fully visible, elastically scalable, and endlessly optimizable supply chain from a single, integrated platform.


Supply Chain Intelligence & Consulting

Dedicated experts with decades of experience in supply chain that recommend, deploy, and scale solutions tailored to your business.


Supply Chain Software

A single platform that connects your entire supply, so you can orchestrate and optimize with ease.


End-to-End Logistics

Complete and fully integrated port-to-porch logistics for B2B and B2C – from freight to warehousing to fulfillment.

Cloud Supply Chain Changes the Game

Full Visibility Into Your Entire Supply Chain With One Integration
Elastic Scalability for All Your Physical Logistics
Flexibility, Agility, and Optimization With Cloud-like Speed


The Future of Logistics Delivered Today


Third-Party Logistics is the Past

Say goodbye to expensive, slow-to-implement, patchwork logistics with cumbersome contracts. You won’t miss it, and your customers won’t either.


Cloud Supply is the Future

Say hello to agile, flexible, and cost-effective logistics. Stord has reimagined and redesigned what’s possible by bringing together thoughtful infrastructure and intelligent technology.


The Opportunity is Now

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Focus On Your Competitive Advantage

With Cloud Supply Chain, you get everything you need to make your logistics a competitive advantage without the hassle, costs, and operational burdens, so that you can focus on what you do best.


Both. To operate an efficient, customer-centric supply chain you need your physical logistics and technology to work hand in hand. Our software is built and stress tested by logistics professionals to meet the needs of even the most complex supply chains, so that you get full visibility and rapid optimization across your entire supply chain from one platform. Even better, you get these benefits no matter whether you use our logistics or bring your own.

Cloud Supply Chain is a single solution that provides you with everything you need to manage and scale a customer-centric supply chain. It combines all of the physical logistics - freight, warehousing, fulfillment - with the integrated software that you need to manage your supply chain from a single platform. It’s kind of like Cloud Computing. You integrate with a provider, like Amazon Web Services, once and you get elastic capacity to as much computing power as you need as you grow. Cloud Supply Chain delivers the same promise for logistics. You integrate once and you get elastic scale across Freight, Warehousing, and Fulfillment as you grow coupled with the software you need to orchestrate and manage it all.

No. You do not need to use all of Stord’s logistics services and software together. We’re very biased, but we sincerely believe that customers get the most value from using our entire offering together and we’ve built out our logistics services and software to work together seamlessly. That said, we have many customers that use us for a specific piece of logistics, like opening a new warehouse or a specific freight lane, or that use our software to manage their own logistics.

Yes. We have a network of first-party facilities strategically-placed across the US and Canada to provide complete 2-day ground coverage for customers. In addition to our own facilities, we have a premium partner network of highly-vetted, deeply-integrated, and strategically-placed facilities across North America, so that we can provide total coverage for all markets and highly specialized requirements like 1-day shipping to remote areas.

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