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Furthering the Vision of the Cloud Supply Chain with Key Updates to the Stord Platform

Stord Marketing

Published Date
July 29, 2021



STORD launched the Cloud Supply Chain earlier this year to help businesses build, expand, and optimize their physical supply chain operations across freight, warehousing, and fulfillment with the speed, flexibility, and ease of modern cloud software. As a part of our ongoing efforts to define the future of supply chain management and optimization, we’re excited to share some key updates to the STORD platform. Today’s updates focus on providing further supply chain visibility and more granular controls with the goals of improving delivery efficiency and unlocking new optimization opportunities for STORD customers.

More Granularity: Differentiate order types within the platform 

Purchase orders, sales orders and transfer orders can now be viewed separately in the “Orders” tab. Sort these orders by supplier, customer or channel to improve your ability to drill down into the operations and success of each party involved in your supply chain. 

Improved Efficiency: Automate inventory backorders 

Keep your business moving and your customers satisfied despite a warehouse stock-out with automated backorders. If a facility doesn’t have enough inventory to support an incoming sales order, the STORD platform will automatically create and process a backorder. In the meantime, the order will be partially fulfilled and shipped with the available inventory. Any risk of delayed delivery to the end customer is minimized. 

Greater Optimization: Rank facilities to optimize fulfillment

If you’re storing inventory in multiple locations, the STORD platform will automatically determine from which facility an order will be fulfilled based on rules you configure. Rank facilities based on SKU, final destination or sales channel to optimize the fastest and most effective delivery for your customer. 

Most supply chain networks today are a patchwork of multiple logistics partners and softwares  that limit visibility and constrain operations. STORD connects all of the disparate pieces that businesses need for their supply chains: transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, and integrated software through the Cloud Supply Chain. Are you ready to move your supply chain to the cloud? Get started: