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How To Grow Revenue 6X [Jolie Case Study]

David Packman, Senior Content Manager

Published Date
January 31, 2024



Jolie is the world’s best shower filter, but it didn’t have the world’s best fulfillment.

The value of Jolie’s product is clear to its customers - earning it over 175,000 customers across all 50 states in under 24 months. But keeping up with that rapid growth is no easy feat.

Shower Thoughts Reveals Big Pains

Did you know that when you relax in the shower, your prefrontal cortex (the center for complex thinking and decision-making) drifts into an autopilot, of sorts. In this state, the rest of the brain - known as the default network - engages, allowing naturally occurring introspective thinking to bubble up. These experiences are lovingly referred to as shower thoughts, a happy byproduct of Jolie’s core offering.

Now we can’t say for certain that it was a shower thought that led Jolie to us at Stord, but I think it poetic that it was during a shower that Jolie realized it had some big pains to overcome:

  • How could Jolie scale its fulfillment footprint to reach its growing nationwide audience?

  • How could Jolie manage both its B2B, DTC, and subscription orders and inventory without bloating its workforce?

  • How could Jolie gain real-time visibility into its orders and have proactive automated solutions to address any fulfillment issues?

  • How could Jolie hope to do all of that, while still focusing on improving products and customer service?

Maybe that epiphany shower was more anxiety-inducing than relaxing.

Read the Jolie-Stord case study Here

Managing DTC & B2B Hypergrowth with Hyper Clean Data

Jolie needed a true fulfillment partner, but not just any traditional 3PL. It needed an innovative supply chain partner with fully integrated order and inventory management software and a multi-location network that could address all of its concerns and truly grow with it.

By partnering with Stord, Jolie and our fulfillment experts built a custom logistics solution, creating a multi-node network of distribution centers to ensure B2B and DTC inventory was ideally placed to meet customer demand.

And while Jolie could enjoy reliability in Stord’s high volume fulfillment operations, relying on Stord One Commerce, our order and inventory management system, unlocked even greater benefits.

Stord One Commerce integrated with all of Jolie’s existing marketplaces and sales channels. This integration meant a single record of truth across Jolie’s entire operation - visibility and actionable insights available to them on any web-enabled device.

Its hypergrowth was now being supercharged by hyper clean data. Jolie was now able to set up automations and workflows to ensure its orders were fulfilled on time and that inventory issues were preemptively averted.

Arjan Singh, co-founder of Jolie, says it best: 

“Visibility through Stord One Commerce (OMS) allows us to stay on top of order status and identify any issues. The dashboard and exception reporting features are extremely helpful.”

6-7x Year-Over-Year Revenue

Jolie’s partnership with Stord has allowed it to realize over a 6x year-over-year revenue gain. 

To learn more about how Stord manages Jolie’s entire end-to-end supply chain operations, read the full case study here.

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