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Inventory Planning

Optimize Your Inventory Strategy

Intelligently generate a per-SKU demand forecast based on your historical sales, projected sales, and marketing inputs – within your existing workflows.

Make Data-Informed Inventory Decisions

For companies that need to know how much product is needed, when more should be ordered and where it should be stored across their networks

Demand Forecast

How It Helps You

Prevent costly overstock and minimize resources tied in unused inventory by maintaining just the right levels

Eliminate missed sales opportunities due to stockouts by ensuring your products are always available

Strategically place your stock where it serves best, optimizing for both proximity and shipping cost

Streamline growth capital through efficient resource allocation, and eliminating costly ad-hoc decisions and lost product due to expirations

Drive customer loyalty with consistent product availability to ensure satisfaction and repeat business

Reduce planning complexity with automated, clear demand forecasts with inventory intelligence / proactive recommendations

Why You Need It

With rapidly fluctuating market conditions, reliable inventory forecasting is crucial to prevent costly stockouts and excess inventory, and safeguard a smooth supply chain operation.

Omnichannel brands need easy access to this essential capability, enabling them to align their stock with consumer demand patterns, ensuring operational efficiency and sustained profitability.


Tangled in costly, excess inventory

Grappling with stockouts

Lost sales due to incorrect inventory levels

Negative customer experiences

Complex, inaccurate forecasting

How Inventory Planning Works

Predict and plan with proprietary statistical models to determine how long supply will last. With that intelligence, proactively manage your supply changes and gaps: from expiring and aging stock to surges in demand. Gain visibility and new insights across your entire supply chain.

Accurate Demand Forecasting

Enjoy the clarity of SKU-level demand insights, influenced by your own sales history and market dynamics. Merge historical data with market movements for SKU-specific foresight.

  • Proprietary statistical models to generate demand forecasts based on:
    • Company-specific supply chain data
    • Marketing events, growth rates, and seasonal changes
  • Forecast adjustment workflows for qualitative input (from your team)
  • Calculated per-SKU weeks of supply to drive data-backed decision making

Proactive Insights & Recommendations (Inventory Intelligence)

Know exactly when to refill inventory to maintain the perfect balance between demand and supply with alerts and recommendations. Allocate your stock smartly across networks to enhance accessibility and reduce costs.

  • Automated proactive restocking alerts to inform you when it's time to replenish, sidestepping potential inventory shortfalls
  • Reorder point recommendations, including reorder date and quantities
  • Inventory dashboard highlighting supply gaps, changes in demand, aging inventory, and inventory orders
  • Pre-emptive insights with demand-factored expiry, demand alerts, out-of-stocks, backorders

Automated Workflows

Scale your processes, not your team, with integrated tools and embedded workflows that proactively resolve potential inventory issues.

  • Automated replenishment order recommendations to avoid of of stock situations
  • Inbound inventory tracking to enable accurate planning
  • Workflows for consensus demand & scenario planning

Future-proof Your Inventory Strategy:
Savings, Growth, Efficiency

Don't let inventory planning be your bottleneck. Rely on rich, actionable intelligence powered by your data to:

save money

Stop tying up working capital due to excessive and misplaced inventory, and eliminate waste from expiring products


Increase sales by avoiding inventory stockouts so products are available when and where your customer are ready to buy


Eliminate time-consuming manual data collection and spreadsheet-based approaches by automatically generating accurate SKU-specific forecasts, easily making forecast adjustments, and highlighting key replenishment recommendations


Simplify end-to-end forecast management in a single, centralized tool – powered by your supply chain and marketing data – eliminating the need for integrations and additional applications

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