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To apply to join the Stord network, please fill out the application. Someone from Stord will be in contact with you shortly.


By joining the network, you are opening your facility to all the Stord customers looking for a fulfillment/warehousing solution. Stord will vet and solution this opportunity and manage the relationship with the customer. Stord is not about putting a customer in your facility and that being the only value add. While we look to optimize their supply chain, we are also looking to add value to our partners too. From implementation services, operational support, Stord WMS, a packing catalog, and more, Stord is going to add value to your operations!

When new opportunities are available within your city or region, a Procurement Manager will reach out with the Scope of Work for the project and target rates. It is also important your facility information is accurate, so the right opportunities come your way. From time to time, the procurement team will reach out for updates on your facility, and providing these updates will help position your facility for success!

Yes. Stord WMS is a scalable cloud-based warehouse management system designed exclusively to help simplify warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment for e-commerce brands and Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers. Stord WMS is a requirement to take on a Stord customer but also is available as a standalone service for your other customers or throughout your facility.

Yes. Stord does have warehouse terms that can be found at Prior to placing a customer in your facility, a Warehouse Service Agreement will be signed by both parties.