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Built by Our Operators for Your Operators

Most Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) create more problems than they solve including operational and labor inefficiencies, capacity constraints, billing leakage and inaccuracies. We should know, we have tried and been disappointed by most of them.

That's why we built Stord One Warehouse - a modern, cloud-based WMS that’s as flexible as it is easy to use. Purpose-built by our operators for your operators to save time and increase labor productivity in high volume operations across both DTC and B2B fulfillment.

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Drive warehouse efficiency and workforce productivity.

The only WMS purpose-built by high volume operators to make your labor more productive, decrease costs, and improve accuracy.


Increase WMS adoption through intuitive easy to use design.
Seamlessly connect to any internal or third party sales channel, marketplace, or ERP.
Improve shipped DTC daily order volume by 3.29X.
Save time by reducing packout process by 75%.
Reduce inbound errors, and drive better tracking of purchase orders.
Perform real-time tracking and monitoring of inventory.

Warehouse Management System

Stord One Warehouse is a cloud-based warehouse management system designed to simplify warehousing, inventory management and order fulfillment for Omnichannel Brands and Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers. The simple-to-use software is a scalable, paperless solution that grows with you: from single-channel or low volume bulk operations, to high volume parcel and large-scale omnichannel operations.

Sam Manley | Director of Business Development

"Stord One Warehouse has proven very easy to use and learn by our team. We're already seeing significant time savings in our outbound processing, cutting required time by about 50%, greatly improved accuracy in our inbounds, and are much better able to track our inventory and pallets. The Stord team has been super helpful, and got us up and running in no time. We look forward to bringing more of our customers onto the Stord platform."


Stord offers both physical logistics services (such as DTC and B2B fulfillment services in our warehouse locations and across our premier partner network) and supply chain software solutions (both WMS and OMS). Being unhappy with what we saw and experienced across the WMS landscape to support our own fulfillment needs, we developed our own WMS (that’s where Stord One Warehouse came from!)

Yes. With Stord One Warehouse, not only do you as a 3PL / warehouse operator get order management capabilities, but you can enable this same functionality, if you want, for your own customers. This gives them secure access just to their own orders within the system to update and make edits themselves, and reduce the customer support burden on your team.

Stord One Warehouse is a fully cloud-based software platform that can have your organization up and running on our platform so you can have your organization up and running on our system faster than you’re used to! We can help get you into production via remote or on-site implementation services. Depending on your specific requirements, the process takes no more than a few weeks, if not a few days.

Yes! Stord One Warehouse has 100+ standard integrations that can connect to your key sales channels like marketplaces and retail partners, as well as financial systems. For other connectivity needs, we can integrate via EDI, API, or custom protocols, depending on your particular requirements

Stord One Warehouse software is SOC 2 Type II compliant and we use multiple layers of security throughout our platform and organization. Visit our trust center at to learn more.