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Last Mile Distribution News: November 8, 2019

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Published Date
November 8, 2019



Friday, November 8, 2019

ELD Implementation Deadline December 16

December 16, 2019 is the final deadline in the ELD implementation process begun in 2017. The December 2017 deadline predominately applied to smaller fleets and owner operators, while larger carrier companies were given more time to transition from automatic on-board recording devices (AOBRDs). After December 16, 2019, every truck on U.S. roads will be expected to comply with ELD regulations. 

Major ELD System Temporarily Disrupted

Connectivity issues caused MCP 200, MCP 110 and MCP 50 devices made by Omnitracs to go offline. No fleet data was lost but time and location data was made unavailable, forcing drivers to use paper logs. Under the ELD rule, drivers can revert to paper logs for up to eight days if their ELD malfunctions. As of Thursday November 7, the devices were back online.

Startup Brings Micro-Tracking to Warehouses

Startup company Humatics is using “microlocation technology” to track items at a millimeter scale in areas where GPS is limited, like indoors and underground. Its technology can create virtual grids of its surrounding environment and collect location data from multiple points at once, integrating that data into WMSs and IoT platforms