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Last Mile Distribution News: July 17, 2019

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Published Date
July 17, 2019



Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Transplace Announces Partnership with Descartes MacroPoint

Transplace’s new partnership with Descartes MacroPoint will make end-to-end real-time visibility a standard offering to its customers. The transportation management services and technology provider was already offering deep network visibility, but without universal carrier adoption, coverage was uneven. By January 2020, all of the trucks operating on Transplace will use MacroPoint, which will improve Transplace’s data quality and provide actionable insights for customers to enhance their networks. 


Amazon Prime Day Shoppers Saw Some Delays

Monday was the largest sales day for third-party sellers on its platform to date, according to Amazon, and the high volume of sales made one and two-day shipping quickly unavailable. The delay on standard two-day shipping caused some pushback by Amazon Prime members and prompted Amazon to clarify that two days is how long it takes for a product to reach a customer after it’s been shipped, not after it’s been ordered.


Warehouse Capacity Increased in Q2 2019

The supply of available industrial and logistics space increased for the first time in eight years, according to a July 15 report by CBRE. Increased investment in new real estate helped alleviate the space constraints seen in recent years and caused by the growing e-commerce industry. Related, the demand for large warehouses weakened, but demand for small and local warehouses used for last-mile delivery remained strong.