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How STORD Helped a Sports Entertainment Company Reduce Last Mile Costs and Prevent Product Loss and Damage

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January 8, 2020



Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A global sports entertainment company with millions of guests annually and the world’s largest digital golf audience was managing the distribution of construction materials for 18 new venues they were building in the U.S. But managing orders, inventory, trucking, documents and communication for each project quickly became difficult and disorganized, because they were using 18 different warehousing facilities who all used different software systems or no system at all. Details and products started slipping through the cracks, resulting in inventory loss, damage and high costs.

Because the construction projects needed to move quickly, they had little time to vet vendors and were using facilities that weren’t up to their standard. And with so many facilities, it was difficult to communicate and enforce SOPs, so products were frequently mishandled. Without a system to track damage and chain of custody, they couldn’t identify the responsible party to request compensation and ended up eating the cost.

The entertainment company had so many suppliers and contractors picking up and delivering product that often the wrong product was picked up, or the pickup wasn’t recorded, and the product was lost. Inaccurate inventory meant that the wrong products were being delivered and had to be returned, elongating delivery time and increasing what were already high costs.

By implementing STORD’s integrated, nationwide network of facilities and warehousing software, the entertainment company was able to cut down on last mile costs and prevent product loss and damage. Because all warehouses in STORD’s network are fully vetted, quality facilities governed by an SOP, product was handled the right way, without exceptions. And because STORD’s nationwide network of warehouses and 3PLs is extensive, the company was able to leverage facilities that were significantly closer to the sites, reducing delivery costs.

All operations and communications were centralized in STORD’s single software platform, reducing the miscommunications that led to errors. The platform’s robust inventory functionality requires an accurate order and BOL in the system before a product can come or go, creating a clear chain of custody.

By partnering with STORD, the entertainment company was able to:

• Reduce the error rate from 26.6% to 0%

• Lower the product loss rate from 7.2% to 0.57%

• Cut project delivery time from 8-10 days to 3 days

• Shorten the average last mile distance from 135.2 miles to 12.6 miles.

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