Wednesday, April 1, 2020

COVID-19 is forcing companies across the globe to make on-the-spot decisions about their supply chain, the ripple effects of which are difficult to predict. But resilient supply chains are more prepared to react to the unpredictable, and as Supply Chain Dive reported this week, “that means getting as much visibility in the supply chain as possible to see what’s in stock and what the demand curve might be for the next 60 days.”

So how do you achieve total visibility over your supply chain, quickly? Aggregate all of your data analytics in one place. Rather than trying to compile data from multiple spreadsheets, emailed reports, an enterprise resource planning system, a warehouse management system, a transportation management system, etc., use one cloud-based software platform that gives you a control-tower view of your distribution network. 

A supply chain management platform like Stord’s requires a one-time integration into an ERP to connect your entire network of 3PLs and warehouses so you can conduct data analysis in real-time. Plus, by using the inventory, shipment and order data housed in the platform, STORD’s team of data analysts can use machine learning to identify where your network can be optimized and where costs can be reduced while demand planning. 

Integrating into a single platform also allows for complete operational control of supply chain management. Having that visibility means you can act quickly and flexibly, and an agile supply chain allows you to get goods to your customers faster and avoid stockouts

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