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Leverage Our Flexible Network to Respond Quickly to COVID-19’s Effects on Your Supply Chain

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Published Date
March 30, 2020



Monday, March 30, 2020

COVID-19 is impacting the supply chain in unpredictable ways -- Pennsylvania truck stops were temporarily closed to stop the spread of the virus, and companies who manufacture perfume are shifting production to hand sanitizer.

We’ve already talked about how to best prepare for disruptive and unprecedented events like coronavirus, but what do you do once it’s already here? You don’t know exactly what the impact on your supply chain will be until it happens, but then you’ll need to pivot quickly to adapt. If your retail stores have closed due to the virus and you have some unexpected capacity needs as a result, let us know -- we’ll find storage for you and have your product at the dock door within 48 hours. If our network of 350+ 3PLs doesn’t have space, we’ll source it for you.

If you’re a food and beverage company whose products are flying off the shelves as folks across the country stock their pantries, let us become your second supply chain team and help secure additional trucking appointments. Our team of operations specialists is ready to reach out to our partners.

Stord’s cloud-based software platform gives you the inventory management visibility you need to maintain control over your network, even while every day of the pandemic presents new challenges. Our team of supply chain experts is here to help. Contact us at

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