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Stord One Warehouse in Action [Video]

David Packman, Senior Content Manager

Published Date
December 7, 2023



This is the next post in our video series of how you can benefit from Stord One Software. Hear directly from our ‘super users,’ product managers and other supply chain tech experts on how companies like yours are benefiting from OMS and WMS software.  Prior posts highlighted how to manage low and out-of-stock inventory issues.

PEAK IS HERE!!! While many Stord customers are seeing tremendous volume increases through greater demand from customer interest along with seasonal promotions, end consumers are still receiving the experience they expect. 

For some brands, peak and its requisite demands may be an absolutely bone chilling sensation, we at Stord have a secret weapon that we use to ensure our partners and customers (and our own team!) have an efficient and stress-free peak - our operator-built warehouse management system (WMS), Stord One Warehouse.

We developed Stord One Warehouse not because we wanted to, but because we had to. After using nearly every WMS under the sun, we were disappointed with the flexibility, functionality, and ease of use for our area managers, warehouse staff, and partners. 

We needed a production-proven WMS to support our high volume DTC and B2B operations. But our operating team was continually challenged in what was out there.  

Over and over, we found other WMS, in short, were difficult to learn and onboard new staff, difficult to use to efficiently pick and pack, and difficult to report accurate inventory for our customers, among other requirements.  

That’s why we built our own WMS to address these shortfalls and meet the needs we faced ourselves.

How’s it working?

In the above video, Alisha Lehew, one of our Stord One Warehouse ‘super users’ in our Atlanta Innovation & Fulfillment center, shares why the Stord One Warehouse WMS will “blow your mind!” 

From its intuitive interface which facilitates rapid employee onboarding to its advanced SLIPstream capabilities allowing packing and shipping a hundred orders in two to three minutes (vs the industry standard two to three hours), the innovations of this top ranked WMS has made our day-to-day fulfillment operations so much easier.

If you're worried about peak OR just want to manage your own warehouse team so you can scale your business without scaling your headcount, then you need to check out Stord One Warehouse. You owe it to yourself to experience how a WMS designed and built by real warehouse operators can drive efficiencies and productivity improvements for you.

Click here to see how easy it is for you to see similar benefits in your operation.

Transcript - WMS Success Story

The capabilities that you're going to see from Stord One Warehouse is going to completely blow your mind

I am a super user. I'm out on the floor. I know this system inside and out. I love this system.


My absolute favorite thing is the ease of use.

The moment you walk in, whether you've been in this industry, or you're right off of the street, you can look at our system and ​​start intuitively using it. You don't have that with other warehouse management systems. A lot of them can be very convoluted, very hard to learn.


You're selling thousands and thousands of orders, and you're realizing that you're losing time trying to get them all picked efficiently.

We have come up with a new process - we call it single line item picking or SLIPstream. We are able to fulfill large quantities, monthly subscriptions, bi-monthly subscriptions. Packing and shipping a hundred orders in two to three minutes versus two to three hours.


We introduced cluster picking - we've seen an increase in our orders per hour, but we've also seen an ease of use for our hourly associates. 

The area manager on the floor that was our test run for cluster picking, she was like, “the next thing I know, poof, cluster picking. And my day is so much easier. And my people are hitting their orders. And, my OPH has increased, and I am so much happier that we have it.” 

That doesn't happen with a lot of warehouse management systems - I haven't seen it happen at any other warehouse management systems that I know of. 

You're able to staff up for peak season in a shorter time frame and handle the customer volume much more efficiently because our system is much easier to understand and work with.

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