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Stop Product Losses from Eating into your Profits with Better Inventory Management

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Published Date
May 22, 2020



May 23, 2020

Today’s distribution networks are more tangled and complex than ever before, selling through multiple online and brick-and-mortar channels to customers who have high expectations for in-store stock and delivery speed. But the more parties who are involved in moving goods through your supply chain, the higher the likelihood that inventory is lost, misplaced, or damaged. Take back complete inventory control with Stord’s cloud-based software, whether you’re using a network of your own 3PLs, outsourced 3PLs, or a mix of both.

The more your inventory management relies on humans, the more inventory discrepancies you can expect from human error, whether that means manually sending information between an Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), storing cycle counting results in an Excel spreadsheet, or sending reports of inventory loss through email. Stord’s platform is an inventory management system that connects your warehouse management system with your ERP to consolidate data in one location. Inventory counts performed by warehouse staff are housed in our cloud-based platform, so you can spot missing inventory right away. 

Orders are tracked in real-time, so you always have access to accurate inventory levels, without needing to be in constant contact with a warehouse manager. If an error does occur, with real-time inventory movements tracked in the platform, you can easily identify where, so your supply chain team doesn’t have to hunt down a chain of events. From here you can determine who is held accountable and how to prevent it from happening again. Reducing your rate of inventory shrinkage starts in the warehouse -- you don’t need to swallow cost from product loss or misplacement when you can prevent it with an integrated inventory management system.

Discover how Stord can give you control and visibility over your distribution network, or contact us for a demo of our software.

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