Log Into a Single Software to View and Control Your Entire Distribution Network

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Published Date
May 14, 2020



May 14, 2020

Before founding Stord, Sean Henry was working in the supply chain department of a manufacturer attempting to audit and optimize inventory levels across the company’s multiple warehouses. But each facility was sending over information in different forms: text in an email, data in a spreadsheet, a log-in to a WMS. It made information not just difficult to collect, but nearly impossible to regularly analyze. They needed insight into their inventory that didn’t rely on on-premise systems, and that could be connected to multiple facilities without the time and expense of individual integrations. So Sean and co-founder/CTO Jacob Boudreau built Stord, an inventory management software solution that offers complete visibility over distribution networks.

Achieve Total Visibility with a Seamless Integration

Supply chains are often managed through multiple systems -- enterprise resource platforms, transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, etc., creating siloed patches of data and information. After performing one integration via API or EDI to your legacy systems, Stord’s dedicated integrations team takes care of the rest. Whether you’re using a 3PL in your own network or one of Stord’s, we connect our system to theirs for you, so you don’t have to wait weeks or months for a costly integration every time you stand up a new location.

Gain Insights into Cost Savings Potential

When shipment and order information can be centralized in a single location, you can start taking advantage of the Stord software’s data and analytics capabilities. See which SKUs sell the fastest and tend to stock out, or which SKUs sell too slow and rack up storage fees. Leverage our data science team to find out which transportation lanes are underutilized, or where you might be overspending -- the solution might be to set up certain SKUs closer to some customers.

Reduce Shipment Errors and Product Losses

All shipment documents and communications are housed in one system, so there’s always a source of truth for your team. Total visibility into operations means mistakes are less likely to occur, but more easily resolvable if they do, because Stord’s software tracks each order in real time from origin to destination. Never again have to hunt down the history of a lost product by reaching out to multiple parties through phone calls and emails -- check Stord’s software to see which SKUs are stored in which location and what orders are currently in transit.

Discover how Stord can help you design and manage a connected distribution network, or contact us for a demo of our software.