Parcel and last mile delivery designed to streamline shipping and optimize costs

Get the edge over your competitors with last mile delivery that’s fast, accurate and cost-effective.

Exceed customer expectations for last mile delivery

Consumer expectations have changed, and rapid delivery is critical for maximizing sales and satisfying customers. Offer your customers across the United States next day and two-day delivery options without the expensive cost of infrastructure. With Stord’s last mile and parcel delivery services coupled with our network of forward stocking locations, we position your products close to your customers, and leverage the optimal last-mile solution to optimize your end-customer experience.

Make your last mile leg even more competitive

Run a network analysis on your distribution network, and our data science team will analyze facility placement, transportation spend and more to suggest and design a more efficient last mile.

Optimal transit times at an optimal cost

More than half of shipping costs are spent on the last mile -- lower those prices by partnering with Stord’s parcel delivery service. Our superior audit and analytics capabilities, derived from our fulfillment network, offer improved shipping rate structures, and we pre-audit invoices to make sure you’re never overcharged. We 100% guarantee to cover loads at our committed prices, without surprise surcharges.

Reduce friction between you and your customers

Stord’s parcel and last mile shipping services are centralized in our cloud-based software where you can view shipment movements in real-time. Automated reporting and communication between software systems reduces the risk of human error or oversight, so you can ensure customer orders are being shipped accurately and on time.