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Will It UPS? How Blackstone Seasoned Their Logistics for Large DTC Products with Tom Newman

Alex Kent Director of Sales

Michelle McNamara Director of Content & Comms

Supply Chain and Procurement Manager at Blackstone Products
Tom Newman Supply Chain and Procurement Manager at Blackstone Products



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Episode overview

With DTC sales in the US tripling over the past six years, shouldn’t more brands deliver products right to customers’ doors? What about if your products are bulky, made of metal, and often weigh more than 100 lbs?

Today, hear how Blackstone Products, an outdoor griddle company, serves consumers through both B2B and DTC channels to maximize their reach in the marketplace. Joining Michelle and Alex from Blackstone is Supply Chain and Procurement Manager, Tom Newman. Having recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with the company, Tom has an extensive history of ensuring large items are delivered safely and reliably.

In this episode, Tom highlights the importance of paying attention to the most minute details, how critical of a link overseas manufacturing partnerships are, and what steps Blackstone takes to meet the demands of both their product channels.

If you’re hungry, make sure you eat before putting on this episode, as the discussion also goes on to cover what sort of meals the team at Blackstone tests their griddles with. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to find out what Tom’s favorite slope is out in Utah and what is on his mind regarding the future of Blackstone Products.