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Solve Logistics Problems like goodr, featuring Head of Supply Chain, Greg Bicksler

Alex Kent Director of Sales

Michelle McNamara Director of Content & Comms

Greg Bicksler Head of Supply Chain at goodr



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Episode overview

What does a pink flamingo named Carl have to do with a sunglasses supply chain? Find out this week as Alex Kent and Michelle McNamara speak with goodr Head of Supply Chain, Greg Bicksler.

Starting out his career in consulting, Greg pursued his desire to have a more direct impact on supply chain, and made it happen. After managing logistics for massive E-commerce brands such as Ruggable and ettitude, he joined the growing success that is the goodr team. 

Today, hear as Greg talks about goodr’s high-growth over the past seven years and how they’ve evolved to manage increasing customer demand. You’ll be able to get an inside look on what led the goodr team to partner with Stord as their 3PL, and what pain points to identify in your own fulfillment network as you scale. 

Alex and Michelle also dive into the culture that makes goodr stand apart from the crowd and how they’ve avoided what Greg calls, “culture dilution.” Make sure to keep an ear out for what Greg’s real title is at goodr, and you’ll know all you need to know about how they like to roll.

To hear more about the goodr culture straight from the source, be sure to listen to their podcast, CULTURE goodr, on Spotify or Apple