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How B2B, Manufacturing and More Can Grow Your Business featuring Rich Durham from Pair Eyewear┃Stord Supply Chain Therapy

Alex Kent Director of Sales

Michelle McNamara Director of Content & Comms

Senior Supply Chain and Operations Manager at Pair Eyewear
Rich Durham Senior Supply Chain and Operations Manager at Pair Eyewear



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Episode overview

Nearshoring or offshoring? B2B or DTC? These are both difficult questions all retail businesses need to face early on when scaling their business and logistics.

Today, learn some of the pros and cons each option offers from Rich Durham, Senior Supply Chain and Operations Manager at Pair Eyewear. Rich recalls previous challenges he faced at S’well when it came to B2B fulfillment, as well as how his team at Pair is working to address current pain points with DTC eyeglass prescription orders.

Rich discusses just how Pair is making the transition away from overseas production as they expand their Southern California manufacturing. He shares how critical it is that they take more control over the process to reliably manage their large number of SKUs and fully customizable orders.

You’ll also hear Alex and Michelle talk with Rich about the importance of maintaining strong relationships with all types of providers whether they be your supplier, fulfillment center, or your own in-house sales and forecasting teams.