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Our Billion Dollar Supply Chain: Jeff Raider, co-founder of Harry's and Warby Parker

Alex Kent Director of Sales

Jeff Raider Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Harry's



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Episode overview

What do glasses, razors, and cat food have in common? Well, they are all products of our esteemed guest today: Jeff Raider.

Prior to co-founding Harry’s, Jeff co-founded the massively disruptive eyewear company Warby Parker, once dubbed by GQ as the “Netflix of eyecare,” and now a publicly traded multibillion dollar lifestyle brand. Through Harry’s Inc, Jeff also helps run Flamingo, a women’s skincare and razor company; Cat People, a cat food and goods company; and Lumē, a natural deodorant company.

On today’s episode, Jeff discusses inventory challenges, his mission to create products with the best customer experience possible, and the overall lessons he’s learned in the DTC space over the past decade.