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How Ember Mug Heats Up The Supplier / Buyer Relationship with Siobhan Hunter

Alex Kent Director of Sales

Michelle McNamara Director of Content & Comms

Siobhan Hunter President of Blind Dog Supply Chain Risk Consulting



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Episode overview

Raise your hand if you remember having to search through a catalog to source your suppliers. For those with their hands down, do you know just how much else has changed in supply chain management since? 

Today’s guest can catch you up to speed. Joining Alex and Michelle is Siobhan Hunter, President of Blind Dog Supply Chain Risk Consulting and former VP of Global Supply Chain for Ember Technologies. Siobhan has been excelling in logistics since 1997 when she got her start at Celestica, and since has held senior roles with organizations such as Jabil, Blackberry, and BlueCross BlueShield North Carolina. 

Today, you’ll hear how Siobhan has decided to transition away from her latest role with Ember in order to pursue consulting full-time with Blind Dog Risk. She’ll discuss her time with the design-led temperature control brand as well as how they’re looking towards the future with “Cold Chain Management.”

Alex and Michelle also dive into how operations relationships have evolved over the years, and why this evolution has benefitted us all. And if you’re just starting out in the industry or are interested in finding out how to switch, Siobhan offers up her advice for breaking into supply chain management.