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How Emerging E-Commerce Brands Can Level The Playing Field with Nate Skiver, Founder of LPF Spend Management

Alex Kent Director of Sales

Nate Skiver Founder, LPF Spend Management



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Episode overview

Sink or swim.

If you ask our guest today, the future of e-commerce survival relies on collaboration. So grab your life jackets and get ready to lock down your shipping strategy. Today’s episode features logistics expert Nate Skiver.

Prior to starting his consulting business, Nate held transportation, management, and fulfillment roles at Abercrombie and Fitch for 12 years, followed by logistics roles at Stella and Dot Family of Brands. Now, through LPF Spend Management, Nate focuses on leveling the playing field so that ecommerce brands can compete in today’s fast shipping environment.

On today’s episode, Nate discusses the importance of locking down your company’s shipping strategy, why investing in the delivery experience is so crucial, what kind of collaborations he sees vital in the future, and more.