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Breakdown BattlBox’s Customer Obsession Mission with John Roman, CEO ┃ Stord Supply Chain Therapy

Alex Kent Director of Sales

Michelle McNamara Director of Content & Comms

John Roman CEO, BattlBox



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Episode overview

You might imagine the logistics around subscription box fulfillment are rather simple, right? You have control over what goes in your customer’s box, when it gets shipped, and how often you build them… 

Think again. This week, Alex and Michelle practice mindful breathing with John Roman, CEO of BattlBox and Carnivore Club. Throughout their conversation, John emphasizes the importance of fostering community and building transparency when facing inevitable cracks in your supply chain–regardless of who’s at fault. 

John joined the BattlBox team back in 2015 once he heard his college friend was creating a subscription box model for survival and outdoors gear. Working as CMO for five years, he became the CEO back in October of 2021. Since then, John has worked to expand and scale BattlBox to Canada and launch their latest brand, Wanlow, a children’s subscription box aimed at inspiring more connections to the outdoors. 

Today, hear as John shares how he and his team prepped for incoming demand following the release of their very own Netflix show, Southern Survival. Also, find out what the procurements process looks like when it comes to selecting items for subscription boxes.