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Drive Smarter, Faster Multi-node Fulfillment

Automate and optimize your order routing decisions, ensuring faster, more efficient delivery, and an enhanced customer experience.

Automate Your Fulfillment with Order Routing

For brands that need to orchestrate order fulfillment across their network in the most optimal way - factoring cost, distance, and/or time-to-delivery

How It Helps You

Boost customer experience by shipping orders in full from the closest and/or cheapest fulfillment location

Avoid delays and backorders by automatically splitting orders when there is network-wide availability 

Make sure orders are always filled from the right facility based on order attributes

Why You Need It

If your brand is growing and has (or is considering) distributed inventory across multiple fulfillment centers, you're facing an increasingly complex supply chain.

  • Managing your orders manually is highly inefficient
  • Continuing to grow your team to handle the scale doesn’t make sense
  • And stand-alone distributed order management (DOM) systems are costly and complex


Growing product catalog?
Dispersed inventory?
Multiple fulfillment locations?
Network-wide visibility?

If you need to route orders from multiple inventory locations, intelligent order routing integrated into your OMS is a must.

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How Order Routing Works

Intelligent Automation

Configure flexible rules to automatically combine orders or handle inventory shortages. Drive efficiency and cut costs.

Set up automated workflows easily to:

  • Consolidate Fulfillment
  • Manage Backorders

Facility Selection Automation

Set up condition-based rules and let the OMS software route orders from the best facility automatically. Save time and effort.

Set up automated workflows easily to:

  • Ship in Full from the Closest Facility
  • Specify a Fulfillment Facility
  • Ship in Full at the Lowest Cost
  • Split Orders

Self-Service Capabilities

Easily set up flexible automated rules and workflows to handle every order-inventory scenario. Avoid the complexity and cost of separate, stand-alone distributed order management (DOM) systems or inflexible manual workarounds with a single comprehensive platform.

Facility Performance Monitoring

Track performance of your fulfillment centers with SLAs and Working Hours specific to each facility.

Exception Handling (Order

Pull orders out of fulfillment and send them back
for OMS processing.

Harness the Benefits:
Speed, Savings, and Satisfaction

Stord Order Routing is not just a tool—it's a game-changer. Here's why:


Ensure each order is automatically directed to the quickest and most cost-effective fulfillment location. Delight your customers with record delivery times.

Cost Savings

Make smarter per shipment delivery decisions and reduce parcel costs. Save money while meeting customer expectations.

Improved customer experience

Avoid delivery delays and fulfill orders in full from the closest location. Say goodbye to backorders and missed sales opportunities.

Enhanced efficiency

Eliminate manual processes and enable self-service order management. Reduce customer support costs and focus on strategic tasks.

Powering High-growth Omnichannel Brands

Brands relying on Stord One Commerce Order Routing today include:

“With multiple locations, figuring out where to fulfill each order used to be a real pain, and we were never sure we were doing it properly. Being able to automate that now based on our specific requirements has saved us lots of time. And we know our customers are happier.”

VP OPerations, National DTC Brand

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