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multichannel inventory

Strategically Manage Inventory Across Sales Channels in One Platform

Unleash the full potential of your multichannel sales strategy and drive more revenue.

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Maximize Your Sales Across All Channels

For brands selling across multiple DTC and B2B channels that need to prioritize inventory and accurately promise inventory for those channels

How It Helps You

Reserve inventory by sales channel or key account and prioritize fulfillment

Set specific inventory levels by channel or SKU

Stop cannibalizing inventory or increasing SKU count unnecessarily

Automatically set inventory shortage behavior for your orders based on sales channel

Gain a full picture of inventory by channel, with clear inventory availability for every SKU on every sales channel

Easily update and release new product versions without impacting existing retailer integrations

Manage channel-specific product listings to meet retailer requirements and optimize fulfillment of product versions

Why You Need It

Multichannel brands can’t effectively manage inventory across channels, when constrained by manual approaches or multiple systems. If you’re selling direct-to-consumers (DTC) from your website, storefront, or Shopify store, as well as via multiple retail partners (B2B), you know the challenges in keeping everyone happy.

On top of that, addressing each retailer's own compliance requirements when dropshipping, performing retail replenishment, etc., is time-consuming and error prone.


Selling via multiple channels?

Managing retailer compliance?

Supporting dropshipping or retail replenishment?

Expanding sales channels?

AND WORSE, ARE YOU struggliNG with:

One channel stealing inventory from other channels

Guaranteeing inventory for strategic retail partners or key orders

Over-promising inventory that’s already committed

Ensuring a certain level of stock on e-commerce websites

Volume spiking in one channel impacting fulfilling other channels

Streamline Your Multichannel Sales Operations:
Simplicity, Focus and Automation

Stord Multichannel Inventory aligns your supply chain to your sales strategies and revenue goals. Benefit from:

OPERational simplicity

Eliminate the need to physically separate inventory or create retailer-specific SKUs

Customer focus

Prioritize inventory and fulfillment for key sales channels, partners, accounts etc. Avoid one channel “stealing” from another


Reduce manual intervention by automating both order behavior and inventory management by channel

Flexibility & Self-Service

Set reservations yourself directly in your OMS, and automatically publish to the specific channel storefronts

How Multichannel Inventory Works

Common approaches to managing multiple sales channel are flawed; they increase fulfillment cost and complexity by either:

Separating SKUs per channel and maintaining separate inventory

Keeping the same SKU but physically separating inventory in two warehouse zones

With Stord One Commerce, you can transform your multichannel order management operations, driving both revenue and customer satisfaction.

Prevent Overselling and

Multichannel Inventory allows you to reserve inventory for key accounts and partners, prioritizing their orders for reserved SKUs. This helps you avoid overselling and under-delivering, ensuring a consistent and satisfying customer experience

See the Big Picture with Cross-Channel Inventory Visibility

Gain a complete view of your inventory availability across all channels. With Multichannel Inventory, reserve and buffer amounts by channel, ensuring you always have a clear picture of your stock levels. This means you can promise each SKU on each channel with confidence.

Simplify Product Listing Management and Tracking Across Channels

Make it easier to list products across different marketplaces or for different retailer requirements. Maintain inventory item SKU simplicity with channel-specific product versions or listings (marketplace aliases) where you need them.

Automate and Simplify with Backorder Automations

Automatically manage inventory shortage behavior based on sales channel or other order attributes. Rules-based backorder automations remove the need for manual intervention, making your operations more efficient and reliable.

Work Smarter, Not Harder with OMS

Stord One Commerce is designed to handle the complexities of multichannel selling. With features like inventory reservation by channel, missing channel exception notification, and product listings and versions, managing your inventory has never been easier.

Your Partner in Growth

At Stord, we understand the challenges of managing inventory across multiple sales channels. And that goes double as you’re scaling and adding more sales channels.

That's why we've developed our Multichannel Inventory capability, directly in our Stord One Commerce OMS. Take control of your supply chain to make your operations simpler, more efficient, and ready for growth, all with a single platform.

Powering High-growth Omnichannel Brands

Brands relying on Stord One Commerce Multichannel Inventory include:

“Being able to track multiple product versions across our channels independently of the sellable SKU is great; it will help us have better inventory control and simplify our ERP setup…Wish I’d had this for the last 20 years!”

VP Supply Chain, National Consumer Product Goods Brand

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