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last-mile optimization

Save on Parcel Spend While Hitting Delivery Expectations

Don't choose between a great customer experience and your bottom line.

Improve Customer Experience, While Optimizing Costs

For brands who need to avoid increasing transportation spend, while accelerating the speed of delivery required to meet rising customer expectations

How It Helps You

Set automated rules to intelligently upgrade or downgrade the delivery method for each order – while still meeting customer expectations

Gain complete visibility of an order’s entire lifecycle with parcel delivery tracking

Save on total parcel spend – up to 12-15% or more

Reduce your risk and optimize your spend by shopping across all of your carriers and service methods

Why You Need It

Whether you already ship in 2-4 days, need to cap your maximum transit time or are looking to improve your delivery times, Last-Mile Optimization can help. It's perfect for brands that want to avoid increasing transportation spend while improving the speed of delivery.

How Last-Mile Optimization Works

intelligent Shipping

Upgrade & Downgrade
as Needed

No more guesswork. Last-Mile Optimization uses automated rules to intelligently upgrade or downgrade the delivery method for each order. Stord’s OMS selects the right shipping option and fulfillment center, ensuring each order arrives within the required delivery time – at the cheapest cost to you and your customer. You stay in control, while Stord software makes the optimal parcel decision – automatically – to fulfill each order.

The Secret Sauce to Automatically Ship on Cheaper Methods and Still Meet Delivery Expectations

Unlike simple, standard carrier ‘rate shopping,’ Stord’s Last-Mile Optimization automations evaluate each package’s individual characteristics in real-time. The software automatically selects the most efficient and cost-effective service level and delivery provider that will meet the expected delivery date.

Gate Shopping

Identifies carriers and service levels that can handle specific shipment characteristics (size, geography, hazmat, etc.)

Date Shopping

Identifies which can handle delivery speed requirements and ‘Deliver by’ dates based on predictive modeling from historical performance

Rate Shopping

Selects the most price effective carrier and service level at the moment of label generation based on all these criteria


Set Desired Delivery Dates, Time

Promise your customers a specific delivery date and deliver on it, or ensure a specific timeline (e.g., within three days). Show delivery dates directly in your e-commerce store, powered by Stord One Commerce. This lets your customers select their desired delivery timelines, and gives you the confidence that you can always meet them. With Desired Delivery Date automated workflows, you set Promise Delivery Dates for important orders, ensuring your customers get their ordered products on time.


Track Your Orders' Lifecycle

Stay informed - in real-time - every step of the way with Parcel Delivery Tracking. Track orders through the entire end-to-end lifecycle, with complete, visible status and history of each order from creation to delivery confirmation. Even identify exceptions proactively, before customer issues arise. See delivery status updates (including any carrier notes) directly in Stord One Commerce, giving you peace of mind and transparency.

Evaluate Performance

Carrier Performance Reporting

Keep your carriers accountable. With Carrier Performance Reporting, track your carriers' performance over time, helping maintain high standards and exceed customer expectations.

“Ensuring our product is delivered on time — without being forced into high priced options has always been a challenge. Now we know each shipment will meet the promised delivery window at the lowest price. And our reps can easily track each order, every step of the way."

VP OF SUPPLY CHAIN, National NUtrition suppplements brand

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