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Stord Strengthens its Leading WMS Solution with 3PL-focused Functionality

Purpose-built for high volume e-commerce brands, Stord’s WMS now supports standalone 3PL operations with new billing capabilities, omnichannel support, and other features

ATLANTA, March 13, 2024—Stord—a leader in high-volume fulfillment services and supply chain technology—announces expanded features of its warehouse management system (WMS), Stord One Warehouse, to help high-volume, omnichannel 3PL providers increase productivity and efficiency in their facilities. 

Since Stord’s inception, it has developed best-in-class technology and supply chain capabilities in tandem. After using other WMS solutions and finding them lacking, Stord built its own technology—tasking its team of experts with building the best omnichannel WMS possible for Stord and the market. 

Today, Stord One Warehouse powers Stord’s fulfillment operations shipping tens of millions orders annually, as well as leading brands and 3PLs. With thousands of users on the platform shipping hundreds of thousands of orders per day across dozens of facilities, Stord’s WMS has proven its scalability. 

For example, G.O.S.S. Industries International leverages Stord One Warehouse in its multiple locations, including a 125,000 sq. ft., omnichannel facility in Toronto, Ontario. The 3PL previously managed its warehouse operations both manually and with another WMS provider. However, its previous vendor struggled to handle DTC orders, lacked quality control checks during picking, leading to fulfillment errors, and offered limited customer information with minimal visibility and poor usability. 

With a strategic focus to grow its DTC customer base with more e-commerce brands, on top of its existing bulk B2B operations, GOSS realized it was constrained from doing so with its current technology. The 3PL also needed to enhance its customer experience through an improved UI, and boost operational execution to eliminate errors.  After a careful system selection process, GOSS decided to partner with Stord for its WMS technology.

“As a fulfillment center and a WMS provider, Stord truly understands the pain points of a 3PL. Its Stord One Warehouse WMS software has let us cut our receiving and outbound processing time in half, provide real-time inventory updates to our clients, improve our inbounding accuracy, and boost efficiency by having product available almost immediately to pick orders,” said Sam Manley, Director of Business Development at G.O.S.S. Industries. “Importantly, Stord One Warehouse is so easy to use that our team gets excited to onboard new associates on the software.” 

Stord One Warehouse has a strengthened and expanded feature set for 3PLs, with support for multiple warehouses, omnichannel businesses with D2C and B2B shipping, and flexible pick/pack methods for different types of customers. The WMS software makes it easy for 3PLs to segment its customer data for itself, and offers an enhanced portal for each customer with greater usability and visibility than it had previously. 

Stord’s WMS also supports a range of customers through its highly configurable billing engine, supporting charges for all relevant events that occur in the WMS - without any restrictions. Now 3PLs can go from contract to rate card to invoice easily based on its own requirements, without being held to static rules or limited to billing for only certain fulfillment-related activities. 

“As a fulfillment provider ourselves, we know how dependent you are on your WMS tech—so we made sure Stord One Warehouse can power high-volume, omnichannel warehouse management for complex operations,” said Jacob Boudreau, CTO and co-founder of Stord. “It’s helped Stord increase our efficiency and our team’s productivity, and effortlessly onboard new associates at all of our facilities. We look forward to helping other providers do the same for their teams and customers.” 

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About Stord

Stord is a leading provider of omnichannel fulfillment services and technology—including fulfillment, warehousing, and transportation, complemented by OMS and WMS software—for high-volume mid-market and enterprise brands, and 3PLs. Stord's mission is to make brands' supply chains their competitive advantage.

With Stord, brands are able to sell more, save money, and reduce headaches: fast shipping, reliable delivery promises, and access to more channels drive revenue growth; our economy of scale and software optimize the cost of every order; and our end-to-end solution keeps teams streamlined and focused on building their businesses and boosting customer satisfaction.

Hundreds of DTC and B2B companies like Athletic Greens, Native, Tula, American Giant, Branded, and Thrasio use Stord to make their supply chains a competitive advantage. Stord is headquartered in Atlanta and backed by leading investors including Kleiner Perkins, Franklin Templeton, Founders Fund, and Salesforce Ventures.

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