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Snackpass Chooses Stord Software to Scale Operations Amid Immense Growth

Stord One Commerce (OMS) and Stord One Warehouse (WMS) software solutions support in-house fulfillment and warehousing needs with supply chain visibility and inventory and order management

San Francisco, CA and Atlanta, GA, July 11, 2023 – Snackpass, an all-in-one restaurant operating system focused on streamlining operations through innovative, self-serve technology, has partnered with Stord, the Cloud Supply Chain leader for omnichannel mid-market and enterprise brands. Snackpass will use Stord’s OMS to orchestrate and track orders for its suite of hardware products, and Stord’s WMS to manage operations within its warehouses.

As Snackpass experienced significant growth, it became evident that outdated processes and technology were insufficient to support its expansion. Recognizing the limitations of its antiquated systems and processes, the Snackpass team sought a solution that could keep pace with its evolving needs.

Snackpass now uses Stord's order management system, Stord One Commerce, to connect, orchestrate, and optimize its entire supply chain. With Stord One Commerce, Snackpass now can manage orders across all sales channels in one place, create consistent kitting work orders, and improve forecasting by tracking high-moving SKUs and average monthly volume.

With the implementation of Stord’s OMS, Snackpass now benefits from enhanced visibility into its inventory, both in terms of components and finished products, at each site. This newfound visibility empowers its team to make informed decisions and streamline its inventory management processes, driving efficiency and enabling continued growth.

Snackpass also uses Stord’s warehouse management system, Stord One Warehouse, to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in its fulfillment facilities. Using Stord One Warehouse, Snackpass now performs 99% of its daily processes digitally, eliminating the need to track down order summary reports and do physical checks, saving time and boosting productivity in its high volume pick, pack, and ship operations across fulfillment channels.

"We are excited to partner with Stord and take our operations to the next level,” said Jamie Marshall, COO and co-founder of Snackpass. “With our rapid implementation, we have already seen immediate improvements in productivity and visibility, with comprehensive inventory and returns tracking capabilities that we’ll need as we expand the business. Both Stord’s OMS and WMS software have been integral as we build fulfillment operations that support our hypergrowth.”

"The partnership between Snackpass and Stord is a great example of two companies coming together to create an optimized supply chain that delivers a best-in-class customer experience,” said Sean Henry, CEO and co-founder of Stord. “By leveraging Stord One Commerce's end-to-end visibility and orchestration with Stord One Warehouse’s efficient operational and productivity workflows, Snackpass has increased visibility, control, and automation over its entire supply chain. This allows them to move products without missing a beat.” 

Stord also recently announced new add-ons to Stord One Commerce, including additional capabilities for smarter and more cost-effective order routing, multichannel inventory management, and last-mile optimization. To learn more about Stord's Cloud Supply Chain approach, visit

About Snackpass

Snackpass is the new standard for quick-serve restaurants. With beautifully designed hardware and software, Snackpass streamlines restaurant operations through AI-powered, self-serve technology. The seamlessly integrated ecosystem of devices is designed to supercharge restaurant efficiency, providing an unrivaled, smooth experience for both staff and customers. Snackpass incorporates a unique social buying aspect, allowing users to share loyalty points with friends, turning every purchase into a shared experience and attracting new customers for restaurants. For more information, follow @snackpass and visit

About Stord

Stord is a leading provider of supply chain services and technology—including warehousing, transportation, and fulfillment, complemented by OMS and WMS software—for high-volume, omnichannel mid-market and enterprise brands. With Stord, brands can offer customers an exceptional delivery experience at scale while selling more cost-effectively, efficiently, and without headache.

Hundreds of DTC and B2B companies like Athletic Greens, Native, Tula, American Giant, Branded, and Thrasio use Stord to make their supply chains a competitive advantage. Led by former operators from Amazon, XPO, and Manhattan Associates, Stord is headquartered in Atlanta and backed by leading investors, including Kleiner Perkins, BOND, Franklin Templeton, Founders Fund, Lux Capital, D1 Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Susa Ventures, and Lineage Logistics.

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