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About STORD - The Networked
Distribution Company

STORD is the pioneer of networked distribution, next-generation warehousing and distribution for modern shippers. STORD gives companies of all sizes the warehousing and freight, real-time inventory visibility, and high-touch operations support they need to grow, delight customers, and adapt to change.

Powered by a nationwide network of trusted 3PL partners, innovative software and services, and great people, STORD’s solution makes it easy for shippers in all industries to build, enhance, and optimize distribution. STORD was founded in 2015 and is based in Atlanta, Ga. Read more information about our unique solution.

We're Transforming How Goods Are
Moved Across the Globe

Thanks to One Network, One Platform, One Partner - the most innovative and powerful distribution solution available.

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One Network

A nationwide network of trusted third-party warehouse and logistics partners to fulfill all your needs, from storage to freight and beyond.

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One Platform

Easy-to-use software to digitally connect your facilities, give you total inventory visibility, move your operations to the cloud and so much more.

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One Partner

A single point of contact to help manage orders, a single SOP for all facilities, and a single bill to pay. Streamline your warehousing, simplify your day-to-day.

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Awards & Recognition
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STORD was recognized along with AWS, Gusto, WeWork, and RocketLawyer as a company that levels the playing field for new businesses by turning fixed costs into variable costs.

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VentureBeat featured our $12.3M series A round, led by Kleiner Perkins, and covered STORD's unique model--Networked Distribution.

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Forbes featured STORD's founders to the 30 Under 30 list in Manufacturing, an annual list of the best young makers and innovators.

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The Wall Street Journal featured STORD's work with a solar panel supplier as an example of innovative warehousing in volatile and uncertain markets.

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STORD was selected, over 950 startups from around the world, to a spot on the Top 50 Emerging Companies list.

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STORD CEO and co-founder Sean Henry was recognized as one of supply chain's Pros to Know in 2019.

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Questions? Comments? Get in touch