Stord Network & Trust

Our network is strategically built to power leading supply chains and deliver unprecedented performance. We stand behind it with key guarantees.

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Our Network

We’ve built a network of trusted warehouses, distribution centers and fulfillment centers across the country to give leading brands access to flexible capacity and high-standard operations where they need it. Get pricing from one or more of our locations across the U.S. and start shipping out of a Stord facility in just a few weeks.

Security & Safety

Trust that your inventory is in safe hands. Each facility in the Stord network is fitted with our advanced security procedures, as well as fully compliant with OSHA standards. From last-mile cross-docks to high-security 24/7 monitored locations, we have the cutting-edge logistics solutions and safety and security guarantees you need.

Our SLAs

Set and track KPIs directly in the Stord software for a single view of performance across your network.

Each facility in our network is held accountable to your customized standard operating procedures. Rely on Stord’s on-the-ground operations team and real-time inventory and order tracking software to meet our SLAs around:

Order to receipt
Order to pick
Order to ship
Order to delivery
Delivery estimate accuracy
And more

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