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The Ultimate Guide to 2024 Supply Chain, Logistics, E-Commerce, DTC, and More Events

David Packman, Senior Content Manager

Published Date
November 15, 2023



Need an excuse to leave the house and get educated on all things logistics? We got you!

It may feel impossible, but 2023 is coming to a close. Really! But this is good news; it means you can start planning your travel and accommodations to attend any or all of the following supply chain & logistics, e-commerce and DTC events.

Below you will find a nearly comprehensive list of all the major events with helpful info detailing whom each event is ideally suited for and focused on. So if you work in or with e-commerce, order management (OMS), warehouse management (WMS), or supply chain management, you can find your people – and event(s) here!

And if you go to any of these, make sure to say hi to any Stordians that might be there - they’ll be rocking the industry’s best swag.

We’ve highlighted some of the major events in the first half of the year, and then a comprehensive list, by sector, for other events you should look into for the entire year.

Major 2024 H1 Supply Chain, Logistics and Retail Events

These events are the biggest of the big.

NRF 2024

  • January 13-16
  • New York, New York
  • Retail Logistics and Supply Chain

NRF 2024 is a retail tradeshow that brings together more than 6,200 brands from around the globe to New York City. This event comprises 1,000 exhibitors and over 40,000 attendees. 

There are 170 sessions featuring 450 speakers focused on various topics including AI in inventory and optimization, and creating optionality and speed in supply chains.  Concurrently they host the NRF Supply Chain 360 Summit - a one day event on January 14th if you only want to focus on one day of speakers.

Please note you must register not only for the summit but also for each individual session – and you must qualify as a retailer or supply chain expert to attend. There is also a catered lunch and structured networking breaks.

The other days are dedicated to a welcome party and an Expo floor where you can learn about and experience all the vendors and their innovations.


  • February 5-7
  • Caesars Forum, Las Vegas
  • Supply Chain Tech and Networking

If you are looking for the Comic Con of supply chain events, it might be Manifest. Manifest unites the entire ecosystem of Fortune 500 global supply chain executives, logistics service providers, innovators and investors at the forefront of logistics tech and end-to-end supply chain. 

With over 250 speakers and an Expo floor, you can truly overwhelm yourself with information and business cards. The event features lots of parties, catered lunches and networking opportunities, and bills itself as the “premiere gathering of supply chain executives, logistics service providers, innovators and investors at the forefront of logistics tech and end-to-end supply chain.”

If you are thinking about international shipping, drones, sustainability, rail and everything in between, this is your one stop event.


  • March 17-20
  • Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
  • Retail and Supply Chain Tech

Remember Manifest? Well forget it, cause now it’s time for ShopTalk. ShopTalk is where retail, technology, and innovation intersect.

This event has a similar focus on technology, with an Expo floor, and too many informative speakers to count. This is one of, if not the, biggest event to attend – so if you want to see it all, this is a good choice.

Also if you want to see Stord, this is an excellent opportunity as we will have booth #1773 on the Expo floor, giving you the opportunity to learn all about cloud supply chain and our flexible network of fulfillment centers and production-proven OMS and WMS technology. Will it be the best part of ShopTalk? Will it be the best part of your entire year? Unequivocally yes. But we may be biased.

MODEX 2024

  • March 11-14
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Material handling, logistics, and supply chain

Want to visit the Stord flagship fulfillment center AND attend a major logistics event? Then MODEX is the one for you. Hosted in our backyard in Atlanta, GA, this event is all about material handling, logistics, and supply chain knowledge. MODEX showcases end-to-end solutions from the leading manufacturing and supply chain suppliers.

With four keynotes (one with the president of UPS Supply Chain Solutions and another with actor Jeremy Renner), 150 educational sessions, and over 45,000 attendees, this is a good place to connect and learn. The entire session list is already set, so you can easily see everything that’s available. 

With MODEX, you get to see Jeremy Renner, dozens of presentations, AND if you’re looking to see how your high volume brand can benefit from Stord’s award-winning fulfillment and logistics technology, reach out about visiting our Atlanta Innovation & Fulfillment location while you’re here! This feels like a slam dunk.

IWLA Convention + Expo

  • April 21-23
  • Orlando, Florida
  • All Things Warehousing

This is the event if you are into golf! And also warehousing…but also golf because the Expo takes place surrounded by 36 holes at the Omni Orlando Hotel. IWLA is the annual gathering of North American warehouse logistics leaders.

Like all of these events, you have the opportunity to walk the Expo floor and connect with hundreds of industry leaders in the warehouse and logistics space - discovering firsthand the developments of robotics, automation, WMS, and more.

But the real value is in the convention speakers. Dozens of hyper-focused panels and presentations cover all the topics relevant to your warehouse or the warehousing of your products. Given that warehousing operations can easily be a massive source of headache for any business, this convention might be the one to help soothe that pain. And if that doesn’t work, did we mention the golf!?

The Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo

  • May 6-8
  • Orlando, Fl
  • Managing supply chains

Looking for “pragmatic advice” (their words) to help your supply chain deliver now and in the future? Then perhaps Gartner is for you. The Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo is the annual gathering of CSCOs and Supply Chain Executives.

This event is geared towards CSCOs and similar heads of logistics/supply chain and will combat big-vision issues like economic volatility, talent burnout, and more. Enjoy guest speakers, workshops, and even a CSCO Circle (pre-registration required) for a more hands-on approach to learning and problem solving for your specific business. Specific speakers and exhibitors have yet to be announced.


  • June 17-19
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Subscription and Membership Business

Do you operate a subscription-based business? Then SubSummit was literally made for you. From supplements to streaming services and everything in between, this is the place to learn more about creating consumer engagements and superior product experiences.

There are six session tracks with over 180 speakers to learn from, as well as a structured networking/meeting feature and an exhibitor floor. While this event isn’t 100% focused on logistics, it will help you maintain and grow your recurring revenue business.

Comprehensive List of 2024 Supply Chain & Logistics, E-Commerce and DTC Events

Didn’t see what you were looking for? No worries, here is nearly every other event relating to supply chain & logistics, e-commerce and DTC business, from North America to Europe.  Check them out to see which events are right for you.

2024 Supply Chain & Logistics Events

  • MARS Winter Meeting
    January 9-11. Lombard, IL.
    Delivering supply chain success with rail and other transportation innovations.
  • Air Cargo Conference
    February 11-13. Louisville, KY.
    Explore insights in navigating complex global transportation challenges with a focus on air freight. 
  • TPM24
    March 3-6. Long Beach, CA.
    Ocean container logistics, including rates,market forecasts, and more.
  • ProcureCon Indirect West
    March 11-13. Las Vegas, NV.
    Developing world-class sourcing programs and innovations.
  • World Cargo Symposium
    Mach 12-14. Hong Kong, China.
    Annual air cargo event tackling aspects related to technology, innovation, security, customs, cargo operations, and sustainability.
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition
    March 19-20. Birmingham, England.
    Exploring sustainable practices and net zero focus for supply chains.
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Live Singapore
    March 21. Virtual.
    Thought leadership panels and networking for procurement and supply chain through-out Asia.
  • 2024 SIG’s Procurement Technology Summit
    March 25-27. Asheville, NC.
    Focuses on the ways technology is changing and advancing sourcing and procurement.
  • SCOPE Supply Chain & Logistics Leadership Summit
    April 21-23. Las Vegas, NV.
    Peer-led leadership-focused event on supply chain innovations.
  • ISM World 2024
    April 29-May 1. Las Vegas, NV.
    Annual conference of over 2,000 procurement and supply chain professionals.
  • American Supply Chain Summit
    April 30-May 1. Dallas, TX.
    A leadership-focused meeting designed around improving supply chain and procurement strategy across the globe.
  • Total Supply Chain Summit
    May 13-14. London, England.
    Gathering of senior professionals responsible for supply chains.
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Live Dubai
    May 15. Virtual.
    Thought leadership panels and networking for procurement and supply chain through-out the Middle East and Africa.
  • Supply Chain USA 2024
    May 22-23. Atlanta, CA.
    Presented by Reuters focused on building resilient customer centric supply chains.
  • WERC 2024 Annual Conference
    June 2-5. Dallas, TX.
    Warehousing, distribution, and logistics focused conference to explore new ideas, tools, and techniques with front-line innovators and thought leaders.
  • National Postal Forum
    June 2-5. Indianapolis, IN
    Explore the intersection of USPS innovation and industry expertise designed to enhance your knowledge and mailing and shipping strategies.
  • Freight Waves Future of Supply Chain
    June 4-5. Atlanta, GA.
    Future of FreightTech and supply chain logistics.
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Live New York
    June 5-6. Virtual.
    Thought leadership panels and networking for procurement and supply chain through-out the United States and Canada.
  • SIL Barcelona
    June 5-6. Barcelona, Spain.
    Leading exhibition for Logistics, Transport, Intralogistics and Supply Chain in Southern Europe.
  • ProcureCon Europe
    September. Location TBD.
    Developing world-class sourcing programs and innovations.
  • ASCM Connect
    September 9-11. Austin, TX
    Educational and networking supply chain gathering. Has a European event as well if you prefer a more global experience.
  • ProcureCon Indirect East
    September 9-11. Orlando, FL.
    Developing world-class sourcing programs and innovations.
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Live London
    September 24-25.Virtual.
    Thought leadership panels and networking for procurement and supply chain through-out the United Kingdom and EU.
  • CSCMP EDGE 2024
    September 29-October 2. Nashville, TN.
    Practical end-to-end supply chain strategies.
  • Total Supply Chain Summit
    October 14-15. Manchester, England.
    Gathering of senior professionals responsible for supply chains.
  • Intermodal Europe 2024
    November 12-14. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
    A platform for professionals in the container, transport, and logistics industry to network, learn, and share insights.
  • Air Cargo Americas
    Cutting-edge developments in supply chain technologies, solutions, and industry best practices.
  • CNS Partnership Conference
    The future and development of air cargo industry.

2024 E-commerce Events

  • Affiliate Summit West
    January 15-17. Las Vegas, NV.
    Gathering of affiliate marketing, ecommerce sellers, and tech suppliers.
  • Retail Fest USA
    January 24-26. San Diego, CA
    The ultimate celebration of retail innovation. The future of retail, where industry trailblazers come together to make waves.
  • Meet Magento
    January 31-February 1. Hollywood, FL.
    Bringing together the Adobe Commerce community; including merchants, industry leaders, technology partners, experienced developers, retailers, and service providers, as well as acclaimed Magento and Adobe Commerce professionals.
  • RLA Conference and Expo Las Vegas
    February 6-8. Las Vegas, NV.
    Focuses on reverse logistics and networking.
  • EEE Miami (Ecommerce Experience Evolution)
    February 22. Miami, FL.
    Focuses on ecommerce experiences and provides insights into customer engagement, user experience, and digital marketing strategies.
  • ECommerce Berlin Expo
    February 22. Berlin, Germany.
    Showcases the latest technologies, trends, and solutions in the ecommerce industry.
  • RILA LINK 2024: The Retail Supply Chain Conference
    February 25-28. Dallas, TX.
    Retail focused gathering of supply chain executives.
  • eTail West
    February 26-20. Palm Springs, CA.
    The hub for cutting-edge eCommerce and digital marketing strategies to help you achieve omnichannel excellence and increase profits.
  • MDS Inspire
    March 3-5. Las Vegas, NV.
    Invite-only gathering of over 300 Amazon seller and preferred partners.
  • Prosper Show
    March 4-6. Las Vegas, NV.
    Prosper Show is where established marketplace sellers (Amazon, Walmart, and beyond) network, connect, and learn how to make their businesses more profitable.
  • ECommerce Fuel Live
    March 5-8. New Orleans, LA.
    Member-only event featuring attendees on average who own a store doing $5M in annual revenue, so you can learn from the greatest operators out there.
  • Camp Miva
    March 11-13. San Diego, CA.
    Learning and networking event for Miva merchants and partners.
  • MRC Vegas 2024
    March 25-28. Las Vegas, NV.
    Learn everything you need in the fields of payments and fraud management.
  • Adobe Summit
    March 25-28. Las Vegas, NV and Virtual.
    Learn from leading brands, generative AI and best practices found within Adobe products and other businesses.
  • Digital Travel Connect
    April 3-5. San Diego, CA.
    An invite-only, executive level meeting of digital marketing leaders in travel (hotels, travel agencies, and OTAs).
  • Analytics Unite
    May 1-3. Chicago, IL.
    Learn about analytics and how the proper technology can turn your data insights into growth and commerce.
  • eTail Connect East
    May 6-8. West Palm Beach, FL.
    Private, invitation-only event customized for 75 senior eCommerce and Digital Marketing leaders from top retailers and brands.
  • B2b Online
    May 6-8. Chicago, IL.
    eCommerce & digital marketing conference for manufacturers and distributors.
  • White Label World Expo
    May 8-9. Las Vegas, NV.
    From product sourcing to online selling, this is the destination for online retailers, sellers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.
  • Accelerate24
    May 9-10. Salt Lake City, UT.
    Ecommerce growth focused thinking to ensure your brand is on the forefront of acceleration.
  • Sellers Summit
    May 14-16. Fort Lauderdale, FL.
    A curriculum-based experience where participants can learn practical and actionable e-commerce strategies. 
  • CRMC
    May 20-22. Chicago, IL.
    The future of retail, in-store experience, and more to help marketers grow their business.
  • Future Stores
    June 3-5. Los Angeles, CA.
    Insights for using store technology effectively, educating your front-line associates and creating the next generation store experience.
  • Retail Innovation Conference and Expo
    June 4-6. Chicago, IL.
    Reimagine retail innovation.
  • Home Delivery World
    June 5-6. Philadelphia, PA
    Comprehensive logistics for retail and e-commerce with a dedication focus on the challenges of last mile fulfillment.
  • Commerce Next Ecommerce Growth Show
    June 11-13. New York, NY.
    The future of digital commerce and strategies for retail and ecommerce growth. Also has more intimate dinners and events throughout the year.
  • Digital Food & Beverage
    June 24-26. La Jolla, CA.
    Learn from trailblazers revolutionizing the F&B digital environment and gain exclusive perspectives on advanced personalization, championing faster digital transformation, the future of the industry’s digital customer experience, and more.
  • NRF Nexus
    July 15-17. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.
    Senior-level retail event focused on omnichannel strategy, AI automation, MarTech innovation and more.
  • eTail East
    August 12-15. Boston, MA.
    eCommerce and omnichannel marketing conference to help you boost profits with your retail business.
  • Affiliate Summit East
    July 29-30. New York, NY.
    Gathering of affiliate marketing, ecommerce sellers, and tech suppliers.
  • eTail Connect West 
    September 23-25. California.
    Invite-only hands-on practical takeaways to help grow your business and shape the future of retail.
  • DELIVER America
    October 10-11. Las Vegas.
    DELIVER pairs the biggest retail and brand decision makers with the most innovative supply chain vendors for intimate meetings and presentations.
  • Shoptalk Fall
    October 16-18. Chicago, IL.
    ShopTalk fall is the retail revolution.
  • Consumer Returns
    October. TBD
    Consumer Returns is the only peer-led forum for returns management leaders from top retailers, brands, and remanufacturers whose main goal is to drive revenue through improved post-purchase customer experience, reverse logistics optimization, and fraud prevention.
    October. TBD.
    An open dialogue with packaging converters and packaging design firms on the challenges of staying competitive in the online retailing space, and how the packaging industry can provide innovative and cost effect solutions to assist brand owners in this transition.
    November 3-6. Chicago, IL.
    The biggest packaging and processing show on the planet, connecting more end users with more suppliers and more innovation than anywhere else you can imagine. 40+ vertical industries and 2,500 exhibitors under one roof!

2024 DTC Events

  • DTC Wine Symposium
    January 17-18. Concord, CA.
    Keynotes and networking for those in the direct-to-consumer wine business.
  • DTC National Conference
    April 17-18. Boston, MA.
    Largest event focused only on direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical marketing.
  • Home Delivery World 2024
    June 5-6. Philadelphia, PA.
    Technology and speakers around the middle mile - from warehouse to consumer.
  • Parcel Forum
    September 16-18. Dallas, TX.
    All things delivering packages for DTC and B2B markets.
  • CPG Summit
    October 2024. Colorado Springs, CO.
    Strategic discussion around future CPG-specific issues.

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