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STORD Launches Major Upgrades to its Inventory Visibility and Order Management Platform for Shippers

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Published Date
February 25, 2019



Atlanta (GA)--STORD, pioneers of networked distribution, next-generation warehousing and distribution for modern shippers, today announced a major update to their inventory visibility and order management platform, making it the fastest, most scalable, and most secure version of the application to date.

STORD’s innovative platform gives shippers a central hub to manage warehousing and distribution with modern tools to manage product flow, including inventory tracking across third-party logistics providers, order management made fast and simple, and analytics for data-driven decision-making.

The platform’s newest update includes brand new features as well as enhancements to existing functionality. With the latest release, users are able to: schedule orders faster by booking a load time with just a few clicks, process frequent orders in seconds with custom unit configurations, move data in and out of the platform with ease, add greater customization to data reporting, ensure data control and compliance, enjoy enterprise-grade security through enhanced data encryption.

“Shippers face tough challenges in 2019,” said Jacob Boudreau, CTO and co-founder, STORD. “Innovative technology can help companies win through greater automation of manual workflows to collapse time and effort, better intelligence through data and analytics to optimize out cost and improve performance, and the best in security and reliability. We’re launching this software upgrade because we’re committed to helping shippers succeed in this new ‘everything now’ expectation economy,” said Boudreau. “With innovation at the core of everything we build, we’re passionate about helping modern shippers solve their toughest challenges. And I’m thrilled to work with a team of talented, creative engineers who are developing unique solutions that are poised to revolutionize the warehousing and distribution industry.”

The latest release of the STORD application is now available to existing customers at no additional cost by contacting their STORD representative, and is available for shippers to purchase through the STORD website,, or by calling 866-502-9278.


STORD is the pioneer of networked distribution, next-generation warehousing and distribution for modern shippers. STORD gives companies of all sizes the warehousing and freight, real-time inventory visibility, and high-touch operations support they need to grow, delight customers, and adapt to change. Powered by a nationwide network of trusted 3PL partners, innovative software and services, and great people, STORD’s solution makes it easy for shippers in all industries to build, enhance, and optimize distribution. STORD was founded in 2015 and is based in Atlanta, Ga. To learn more about STORD, visit