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Stord Hires Head of Software Sales to Support the Cloud Supply Chain

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ATLANTA - This week Stord announces that Chris Cioffi, formerly a Senior Director at a leading global cloud computing software company, is joining Stord as Head of Software Sales.

Having expanded the software line of business by roughly 900% in 2020, Stord will be capitalizing on this growth opportunity in 2021 and heavily investing in its software sales team. Leading the charge will be Chris Cioffi, who comes to Stord with deep experience selling complex ERP, financial and commerce systems to mid-market and enterprise brands.

Chris was most recently at Netsuite, where he managed sales of product suites to multiple verticals including financial services and retail before becoming the Senior Director of Social Impact, leading a national team in supporting nonprofits, universities and social enterprises. Prior to Netsuite, Chris held positions at SAP and Wall Street Systems.

As companies continue to leverage Stord’s Cloud Supply Chain to access a fully integrated network of supply chain services, the software sales team is expected to triple in 2021. Chris will be instrumental in building and shaping this team, ensuring that each customer is met with the best technology solutions tailored to their industry, market and unique needs.

Check out open roles on the sales team:

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Stord is the supply chain in the cloud—empowering brands to build sophisticated, agile, and integrated supply chains. With a single integration between your enterprise systems to the Stord Cloud Supply Chain, you unlock a single view of inventory, order orchestration logic, audited data and analytics, and more. Backed by our network of 500+ warehouses, 30+ fulfillment centers and 20k+ carriers, use the Stord Cloud Supply Chain to request a shipment, launch a new warehouse or run new distribution models that help you out-deliver the competition. Let’s move supply chains to the cloud, together.

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