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The New Hubs in STORD’s Nationwide Network: Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago

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November 7, 2017

STORD is excited to announce that we are expanding our network adding key distribution hubs in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, Dallas, and Chicago. These hubs will serve to compliment our already existing nationwide network of facilities.

To date, our volume has concentrated around ports and major cities with our top volume in cities like Oakland, California. For that reason, these new distribution hubs are strategically positioned to serve our customers near the Ports of Los Angeles, New Jersey/Pennsylvania, and Chicago. Meanwhile, the Dallas facility is in a major logistics and consolidation hub near the Port of Houston.

Positioning these next locations in major logistics markets is critical as it allows us to provide solutions for a large portion of shippers. These facilities will primarily focus on pallet in/pallet out, retail distribution, kitting, labeling, consolidation, fulfillment, and other value added services.

These hubs will focus on providing guaranteed capacity, consistent pricing, and a fully automated experience. A STORD customer can confidently ship their product to any major port with our ability to store the product within miles of its final destination. These locations are fully available on our platform anytime a customer requests a new shipment.

While STORD already provides warehousing and distribution options nationwide, these distribution hubs where we concentrate our service, technology, and demand simply demonstrate our approach to backing our scalable software with world-class logistics services. We are proud to support our local facilities and drive more demand to these critical markets.

Learn more about our warehousing and distribution network by speaking with our team or reading more about us.

Do you know anyone who could benefit from affordable, efficient warehousing and distribution services in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania/ NJ, Chicago, or Dallas? Let’s connect.

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