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Looking Back on 2019: How We Hired for The Long-Term

Stord Marketing

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November 27, 2019



At the beginning of 2019, our STORD team was less than 20 people in a coworking space. But in order to continue delivering operational excellence and improving on our inventory management software, we knew we needed to focus on acquiring the best talent, fast. We set goals to develop a robust and welcoming onboarding program and to hire dozens of new team members in engineering, sales, supply chain and marketing -- and we’ve grown the team by 152% as a result. 

To accommodate the fast growth, STORD relocated to a new larger space at the Historic Biltmore following our $12.3M Series A in April. Our new office gives us plenty of room for expansion, plus being located by Georgia Tech and its technology hub means we’re conveniently located for candidates, and we’re in close proximity to some of Atlanta’s best engineering and supply chain talent. 

Since the move, our Talent team has been extremely intentional about ensuring that every new team member feels welcomed and has the tools they need for success. We collect Employee Questionnaires from new hires and share them with the company on their first day as a way to introduce them to the rest of the team, and we use the information like “favorite candy” for Employee Appreciation surprises. 

New employees can expect to meet with all of the department leads to learn more about the fundamental makeup of the leadership team at STORD and gain a better understanding of how their position ties into the greater mission and vision of the company. And we pair each new hire with a team member from a different department, encouraging cross-collaboration and empowering our employees to build upon their own leadership and communication skills. 

As a result of our fast growth and cultural initiatives in 2019, STORD has been proud to be: 

With a solid recruiting and hiring foundation in place, we’re prepared and excited for even more growth in 2020. Interested in working with a quickly-growing team in a fun and challenging environment? Apply today!