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Last Mile Distribution News: July 31, 2019

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Published Date
July 31, 2019



Wednesday, July 31, 2019

eBay Announces New Fulfillment Service

eBay is launching Managed Delivery in 2020, a fulfillment service that will allow high-volume sellers to store, pack and ship inventory from warehouses across the country using a network of third-party logistics providers. The news follows a similar announcement from Shopify last month as both companies adjust to consumers’ rising expectations for delivery. 


Warehouse Efficiency Technology Provider Raises $25M

Attabotics, a Canadian startup with a vertical automated system that stores, retrieves and sorts goods, has raised $25M in their Series B funding round. Attabotics’s system uses robotic shuttles to pick, pack and ship using “20% of the labor and 15% of the space” compared to a traditional warehouse.


Walmart Begins Autonomous Middle Mile Delivery Pilot

Walmart is operating an autonomous van transporting customer orders on the “middle mile” between Walmart warehouses and package pickup kiosks in Arkansas. The self-driving technology, running 5-9 trips a day, seven days a week, is intended to save money on repeated routes and demonstrate the benefit of autonomous technology to Walmart’s stores and services.