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How Stord’s Technology is Different From [Insert Vendor Name Here]

Mario Paganini, VP of Marketing

Published Date
July 7, 2022



In 2022, almost every significant logistics company has some sort of technology play. The startup fulfillment shops and the enterprise players alike all have technology as part of their offerings. However, there is a massive and fundamental difference between how all of these players are approaching technology—and the value that they deliver—compared to Stord.

So what is that difference?

All of these other players build technology to augment the specific physical logistics services that they offer and/or give clients insights into exactly what these logistics companies are doing on their behalf (for example what orders were shipped). 

While these technologies are important, they are also table stakes and are not solving a core problem for their customers. This technology is a slightly more optimized way to track a commoditized business, rather than a significant driver of net new value that solves real problems for brands.

Alright, what does this have to do with Stord? Well, everything! 

Unlike all of these other players, Stord’s technology is solving a massively important and impactful problem. 

The purpose of Stord’s technology is not solely to provide reporting on the logistics services we offer (of course, we do this, as well), rather it is to connect the disparate systems, services, and channels that go into a complex omnichannel supply chain and unlock otherwise impossible optimization for our customers.

Regardless of whether a business sells B2B, B2C, or both, as it scales, supply chain complexity grows exponentially. More inbound inventory, more warehouse locations, more sales channels - each with its own format for orders, more trading partners - each with its own retail compliance standards, and ultimately more headache for the brand’s operations team to keep up with. Other logistics partners can help to solve one piece of this puzzle. For example, a tech-enabled 3PL partner can handle fulfillment for e-Commerce orders, both the physical operations and the necessary technology to track the process. 

Stord’s technology, unlike other players’, truly can stand on its own two feet, regardless of whether a brand is using Stord’s logistics service, other partners', or a mix. It is the digital glue that connects a brand’s supply chain, allowing them to have a holistic view and centralized source of information for their entire business. 

Stord’s support doesn’t end once a customer’s channels are integrated and we hand over login credentials to the platform. Stord’s team of supply chain experts work with customers hand in hand to make sure that they both have the insights they need and are able to turn those insights into action.

Stord is NOT a logistics company or a software company; we are an optimization company. We are the pioneers of Cloud Supply Chain, a new approach that packages up the technology, logistics, and intelligence that brands need to win. 

The result is not better reporting on order status. It is smarter business operations, highly optimized supply chains, better customer experience, and ultimately a competitive advantage for our customers. 

Supply chain is the new competitive battleground for commerce. The brands that are able to connect, orchestrate, and optimize their supply chains with precision and agility will out compete their peers. Every brand has a supply chain and all supply chains consist of similar pieces and parts. It’s how well these parts perform together that separates the winners from the losers. And it all starts with a fully integrated supply chain.

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