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How Shippers Can Benefit from Using Warehouse Networks

Stord Marketing

Published Date
December 23, 2019



Monday, December 23, 2019  

As the e-commerce and direct-to-consumer delivery markets continue to boom, so does the demand for flexible warehousing options. According to the Gartner report “Supply Chain Brief: How Shippers Can Benefit From the Fast-Growing On-Demand Warehouse Marketplace Sector,” more shippers are looking for flexible options that don’t overcommit their businesses to additional, unoptimized capacity.

Using a warehouse network instead of owning assets outright or partnering with a 3PL directly offers more flexibility in costs, contracts and timelines. For example, when one of STORD’s clients, a Chinese supplier of solar panels, needed to frontload over 200 containers of product to the U.S. ahead of the solar cell tariffs, they were able to use STORD’s warehousing network to quickly find storage solutions on the east coast.

With this kind of flexibility, shippers can more easily manage fluctuations in demand and in the market. Plus, with the technology that some warehouse networks operate on, like STORD’s One Platform, shippers can get more control and visibility over their inventory, in addition to flexibility.

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