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Employee Spotlight: Anna, Senior Product Designer

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Published Date
April 7, 2021



Meet Anna, Senior Product Designer at Stord.

What did you do before Stord? 

I worked as a product designer for a small mobile app startup in my hometown of Seattle, Washington. Prior to that (before I made the jump into UX design), I worked as an advertising art director in NYC.

Why did you choose Stord?

I wanted to work for a company where I knew I’d be able to make a meaningful design impact. I recognized how much momentum STORD had as a company, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that—even if it required taking a huge leap of faith and moving across the country!

What do you do at Stord?

I work to ensure that when our users log into the STORD product, they are having the most helpful, seamless experience possible. Every day I collaborate with our Product Managers to understand what problems we can solve for our users and for our business. Then I brainstorm a range of solutions and work with teams across the company to determine the one that offers our users the most value possible.

What do you like most about your job?

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing something you designed come to life in a product interface! Our engineering teams are incredible (and fast!), so as designers we get to see new features ship almost every month.

How has Stord changed since you joined?

We used to have far fewer engineering teams, which would mean it took longer for new features to be live in the product after the design team handed off our files. Now everything happens so fast, we have to run to keep up! As a design team, we’ve also implemented lots of new systems to work more efficiently and in a more structured way. We’re trying to create a strong foundation so that when new team members join, they have everything they need to jump right in.

What excites you most about the year ahead? 

There’s so much exciting work ahead! One thing I’m particularly excited about is seeing our user interface design system come together—the whole design team is collaborating with our engineers to build out a library of beautiful visual components to draw from so both designers and engineers can work faster. 

What departments do you collaborate with? What is that like? 

Designers primarily partner with the product and engineering teams. However, feedback from both the operations and sales teams is also extremely helpful so we understand what our users are asking about, what they are liking, and what they are hoping to see in future iterations of our product.

What cross-functional projects have you been involved in? 

Designing version one of our shipper dashboard took the whole village! I think almost every team at Stord was brought in at one point or another to provide input or to participate in usability testing. It was a very fun and gratifying project to take part in. 

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I love playing the guitar, hiking, reading and (pre-Covid!) I loved going to stand-up comedy shows. I can’t wait for things to open back up so that I can do some/all of those activities with the STORD team!

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