Earn the Benefits of Anchor Tenancy Without the Cost

Stord Marketing

Published Date
July 13, 2021



Anchor tenant benefits are typically for businesses who have the largest footprint in a warehouse or 3PL. They're the biggest, baddest and most impressive star tenant whose logo is meant to add credibility to the 3PL's operations and instill confidence in other prospective occupants. These companies occupy the most square footage and are paying the most for capacity and logistics services, so the 3PL tends to revolve around their needs, and all other lessees become secondary.

Midsize businesses aren't usually big enough to warrant anchor tenant status in most 3PLs. But if you're looking for a warehouse network that can offer you the benefits of anchor tenancy without the capacity requirement, contact us at Stord. Every one of our customers is treated with the customization and personalization customarily reserved for only the highest-paying customers.

What does that customization look like?

  • Flexible capacity: Only pay for the space you're using and fluctuate with the seasons as necessary. There's no limit on how much capacity we can provide. Our Cloud Supply Chain model is elastic, stretching and shrinking with the needs of your business.

  • Custom facility layouts: Anchor tenants get to decide how a 3PL will operate around their needs, and everyone else has to make do with what's left over. In a Stord facility, your inventory is organized by our supply chain engineers in the manner most efficient for your operations. Standard operating procedures are customized per customer; no company is having to adopt the processes already set in place by another business.

  • Easy software integrations: When you use the Cloud Supply Chain, your software systems (ERPs, TMSs, e-commerce channels, etc.) are pre-integrated to the facilities in our network. No need to spend time and money performing a 1:1 integration with the WMSs that an individual 3PL and anchor tenant chose to use.

With Stord, you don't have to settle for second place.

STORD connects all of the disparate pieces that businesses need for their supply chains: transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, and integrated software through the Cloud Supply Chain. Are you ready to move your supply chain to the cloud? Get started!