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CEO Sean Henry Talks STORD’s Founding and Growth with Supply Chain Now Radio

Stord Marketing

Published Date
December 18, 2019



Wednesday, December 18, 2019

STORD CEO and co-founder Sean Henry joined Supply Chain Now Radio’s Greg White and Scott W. Luton and guests Ben Harris and Will Haraway on SCNR’s Episode 233: Pioneer of Next-Generation Warehousing & Distribution: Sean Henry with STORD.

In the episode, Sean describes the 3PL fragmentation he saw while working in manufacturing: “with how fragmented the 3PL market is, you end up with these one-to-many relationships with warehouses with no software and very low visibility – I was trying to optimize our global inventory levels, but in France I’m reaching out to a warehouse who’s texting me back an inventory report, in Germany you’re getting back a spreadsheet of your inventory and somewhere else they’re giving you a log-in to a WMS. It’s super fragmented, and really led us to some problems.”

Also on the podcast, the group talked about STORD’s growth in 2019 and the focus on hiring and finding the right leaders to drive alignment. Listen to the episode on Supply Chain Radio Now for more.