The leading warehousing footprint across North America

Satisfy existing customers and attract new business using our sophisticated, strategically located distribution network of 400+ warehouses across North America.

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Case Picking
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Pick & Pack/Kitting
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Shipment Consolidation
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Non-palletized & palletized storage
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Palletization & Pallet Rebuild
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Forward Stocking Locations
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Cycle Counts
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Retail Distribution

The capacity and capability to handle your distribution

Partner with the leading distribution network to move your goods. From public warehousing to contract solutions, our network of 400+ warehouses are located right where you need them, from inland to port locations spanning North America.

Whether you’re shipping consumer packaged goods, food and beverages, industrial products, or more, Stord’s agile warehousing network ensures your product gets to market as promised, while providing you the visibility you need along the way.

But more than just warehousing capacity

Stord’s network of warehouses offers flexible capacity and time commitments so you can store inventory when and where it’s needed. Store products closer to customers to optimize logistics costs and reduce stockouts, or get help selling to new markets by opening an additional location.

Reduce your team’s manual operational effort, and rely on Stord’s team to monitor orders and resolve discrepancies instead. Each warehouse tracks inventory counts and movements in the Stord platform, so you enjoy increased visibility into your inventory and overall supply chain.

Deliver on Commitments

Our team of supply chain transportation experts is TIA Member Performance Certified with over 50 years of experience in freight services and a 99% on-time delivery rate. With our freight audit capabilities and our 100% guarantee to cover loads at our committed prices, you’re never surprised by unexpected charges. But in the event of the unpredictable, our $150,0000+ primary cargo coverage per load keeps your business at ease.

Cutting-edge, advanced capabilities

From automation to advanced security and compliance practices, our facilities are able to deliver cutting-edge solutions for brands of all sizes. Our facilities span from last mile cross-docks to high-security 24/7 monitored locations. STORD leverages our unique model, expansive network, and robust data to drive industry-leading operational SLAs while keeping your product safe through our security practices.

We were intrigued by Stord because of their ability to be the one point of contact for us, no matter how many warehouses we had. Working with their team has proven to be a great way to do business -- Stord has a vast network capable of providing a solution in every location. I see Stord as being our primary ecommerce warehouse provider in North America.

Zach Kissel
VP of eCommerce Services - Intertape Polymer Group

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you support dedicated operations or only public, multi-client warehousing?
Stord’s network consists primarily of multi-client shared distribution centers; however, we have set up many dedicated facilities in the past for our customers with high volume or specific security needs. For inquiries into dedicated operations, reach out to [email protected]
How do you handle liability for the goods in Stord’s warehousing network?
Each facility in our network maintains insurance and assumes liability for any loss or damage to goods caused by them or their negligence. Full risk cargo insurance can be purchased through Stord at a competitive cost.
How is inventory tracked in the Stord network, and what happens if there is an inventory discrepancy?
Each warehouse scans products moving in and out of the warehouse, with all movement tracked in the Stord platform so you have the most real-time view of your inventory. We run standard cycle counts to ensure your internal inventory report matches ours, and you can request a cycle-count on-demand at any time. Your dedicated Operations Specialist will identify and resolve any discrepancies.