All of Your Supply Chain Tracked in the Cloud

Gain real-time visibility with all of your inventory and order data in Stord’s cloud-based platform—through our network or your own. Use this complete transparency to find opportunities for cost savings.

Bringing your Supply Chain Network Together in Harmony

Through one integration to our cloud software, STORD extends your enterprise systems to your distributed supply chain. Use our platform to access our network of 400+ warehouses and 15k+ carriers, or onboard your own 3PLs, suppliers, and trading partners.

Prevent shipment errors and delays

Stord’s platform connects your warehouses to your ERP to consolidate data in one location, so you see the most up-to-date information available. Orders are tracked in real-time, so you always have access to accurate inventory levels and can prevent any shipment delays or mistakes that might send your customers to competitors.

Identify areas for optimization

Harness Stord’s data science capabilities and supply chain team to evaluate the data centralized in our platform, and identify where costs are higher than they need to be. Our team uses shipment and order data to run network optimization reports, lane shift analyses, pool distribution models and more to find redundant or missing facilities or transportation lanes. Our team of supply chain experts can look at the same data and identify areas where you’re being billed inappropriately, and help find alternative solutions.

Build an Agile, Intelligent Distribution Network

Whether you need agile warehouse capacity, freight, last mile shipping, or a comprehensive solution to connect your enterprise systems with your distributed supply chain, Stord can help.
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