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Stord’s footprint of warehouses, distribution centers, fulfillment centers and transportation carriers offer a wide range of both B2B and B2C solutions for your supply chain.

Omnichannel Distribution
Reach more customers faster with a single integration to the Cloud Supply Chain and on-demand access to retail distribution and e-commerce fulfillment services.
Retail Fulfillment & Consolidation
Increase your products’ on-shelf availability by storing inventory closer to retail distribution centers and meeting retailer delivery KPIs every shipment.
Network Optimization & Spend Analysis
Run analyses on inventory placement, transportation spend, stock levels and more to unlock substantial cost savings and decrease overall delivery times.
Nationwide 2-Day Fulfillment
Guarantee your e-commerce customers orders will be processed, fulfilled and shipped within 2 days of placing an order from anywhere in the U.S.
End-to-End Distribution
Track and manage the final delivery cycle with end-to-end visibility in our cloud-based platform integrated with our expansive network of logistics services.
Cross Docking & Consolidation
Cut down on freight and warehousing costs and avoid supply chain delays with efficient separation and re-allocation of bulk shipments.
B2B Distribution & Fulfillment
Find on-demand capacity with B2B shipping and handling expertise anywhere in the U.S. to reach customers quickly in any market.
Forward Stocking Locations
Position safety stock close to your end customers to reduce lead times without the limitation of long-term leases and fixed costs.
Same & Next Day Delivery
Deliver to customers anywhere in the U.S. within one or two days using facilities integrated with the Cloud Supply Chain and network optimization design services.
Reverse Logistics
Design and execute a reverse logistics strategy in Stord’s cloud-based platform to maintain end-to-end visibility into any item’s lifecycle.
Import/Export Consolidation
Stuff and deconsolidate ocean containers at any one of our facilities located nearby major seaports across the U.S. with end-to-end visibility.

Build an Agile, Intelligent Distribution Network

Whether you need agile warehouse capacity, freight, last mile shipping, or a comprehensive solution to connect your enterprise systems with your distributed supply chain, Stord can help.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are you a software platform or a logistics provider?
Both. We provide the technology and network for you to power your global logistics network. Ship through our warehouses and trucks or onboard your own.
Where are your warehouses located?
Our network is constantly growing based on customer demand and strategic positioning of new locations. With 350+ warehouses, we ensure you can reach customers in any major market.
How do you help me optimize my logistics?
Traditionally, logistics services, visibility software, and optimization/design tools are separated. We provide one unified solution. Stord analyzes your supply chain to identify opportunities for optimization, and then helps implement improvements accordingly with across our network.
Do I have to use your warehouses or can I use my own?
Both. We provide the technology and network for you to power your global logistics network. Ship through our warehouses and trucks or onboard your own.